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March 2, 2010

Ghost Busters

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Greetings from Cape Cod and the Islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, on a warm and sunny March 2, 2010!  Watching David Letterman’s show on CBS this past evening was a real treat, as Dave’s host was the comic genius Bill Murray.  In tribute to my friend, Keith Olberman, of “Countdown, with Keith Olberman”, on MSNBC, (check your local listings for the truth), and more importantly to his Dad, Mr. Olberman, I thought I would play back a slice of heaven from the mouths of babes, namely celebrities who take a stand for what is right and what is wrong…  To set up the scene, we see Bill Murray walking onto the stage of the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City, New York, sporting a thick winter coat, some snow board boots and a Canadian fur hat.  Bill shows off his recent knee surgery and a dip from a downhill race in “Vancouver”, of which he was not only a member of the United States Ski team, but a strong supporter of Visa and Exxon Mobile, (just kidding)…  The conversation goes something like this…

Dave:  “Bill, the crutches and everything, what’s going on?”

Bill:  “Well, I hurt myself Dave.”

Dave:  “Really?  I guess recently, huh?”

Bill:  “Yeah, I did, I was out at the Sundance Film Festival, and I just thought I’d get in an early run, and I got up there and they said, “oh, God, you are supposed to be in this line over here,” and I thought I was getting some kind of special treatment, but they put me in a very advanced group.”

Dave:  “Oh no, so you were over your head and there was some kind of accident on the slopes?”

Bill:  “Yeah.”

Dave:   “Yeah.”

Bill:  “It was bad, I was there with friends and I think they video taped the whole thing.”

Dave:  “Oh yeah, video taped it?  Do you have the tape?”

Bill:  “Your people paid for it.”

Dave:  “Do you mind if we show it?”  (footage of an Olympic Athlete going down of the slopes of Vancouver going through a fence at 90 miles per hour…)

Bill:  “I tore my Meniscus.”

Dave signs his cast, and while Bill sits back in a prone position, equiped with a traction coming from the ceiling of the theater, Dave states, “I hope this doesn’t hurt.”

Dave then questions a name of a doctor on the television screen flashing before his eyes–”scottpowellmd.com”,and asks if this has anything to do with him…

Bill then responds, “I haven’t paid the bill yet, because there is a problem with insurance and they won’t pay because I’ve got a pre-existing condition.”

Dave:  “What’s your pre-existing condition?”

Bill:  “Well, Dave, I was a break dancer, and popper.”  “Because I pop and I break dance!  That’s a pre-existing condition man!  I figure if I float this (his swollen knee on a make shift traction unit in the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City) what’s he gonna do, kill me?” (Bill goes on to say that insurance companies now consider how far you drive to work and the amount of gas used therein a said, “pre-existing condition” …”

Dave:  “So the guy says, that’s pre-existing to you?”

Bill:  “Those guys get in and you can’t get them out.”

To Keith Olberman, his father, and everyone else out there who is seemingly “employed” by the system of Life called a “pre-existing condition”… May God Speed be with you– for the turning of tides is here.

Peace~ M

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