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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 6, 2018

Gc-MAF baby!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the graying, soon to be raining, improbable, beautiful, bountiful, fabulous island! Great to be with you and yours on this Friday, The Sixth Day of April, 2018! AHOY Matey! Hope you had a nice Easter and the giant, invisible bunny rabbit armed with all kinds of chocolate, jelly beans, painted eggs, indeed, here’s hoping that long eared mammal was good to ALL of the citizens of the World at large!

Although, to be fair, this is perhaps the only country sporting that particular hare…

Erin Elizabeth is a pioneer of TRUTH in the health and wellness industry.  Creator of Health Nut News(.com), she has invoked on a lonely, treacherous path of discovery and reporting on the mysterious deaths of prominent holistic doctors around the U.S. In the past two and half years, 98 (since late February 2018), have died in either ‘accidents’, ‘heart attacks’, ‘drownings’, or ’suicide’.  Many of these men, such as Dr. Bradstreet of Florida, helped many people overcoming cancer, putting most if not all in complete remission, maintained for a long lifetime!  Rest in peace sir!  Miracle cures like Gc-MAF, Nagalase, EDTA, diet overhaul, Essiac Tea, among others, have been noted as the reason; along with the spirit of true health care. A devotion that he, and others, practiced with such wonderful success.

Indeed, treating patients with proven remedies, i.e. A CURE, as opposed to what we have in America today, prolonged death mills, a money making cash cow ’sick care system’ that keeps it’s ‘patients’ chronically in dis-ease, treating the symptoms with TOXIC pills. potions and propaganda from ‘Big Pharma’ (who in turn give a kick back to established Nazi AMA docs). Of course, never curing said victims, as that would contradict that whole point of PROFIT to begin with.  Holistic MD’s, chiropractors, and other healers use ancient medicinal medicines that have been handed down for Millenniums.

These miracle cures are frowned upon by big, bad corporate pharmaceutical monsters like Eli Lilly, Merck, Astra Zeneca, and so forth, for if one is cured of say cancer or heart disease, then why would they need a pill?  Leaving the modern day snake oil salesmen high and dry, looking for other avenues to fleece and depopulate the American citizenry, let alone the World’s!

David Rockefeller’s grand dad, ‘Devil Bill’, would have been proud!

Make no mistake about it folks, these men of true healing were murdered because they were outspoken about mercury based (preservative) Thimerosal vaccines most likely causing Autism in children (440% more likely to get Autism if vaccinated!). Truly a growing epidemic that may, in the next decade or so, give that dreaded fate to one out of two kids. All horror show shananigans done by design, as this fits like a glove with the depopulation AGENDA 21/30 (SEA ‘Georgia Guidestone’, for more ‘information’). A twisted, evil agenda that calls for the culling the world’s population from it’s current 7.2 billion plus people to under 500 million.

They spoke out on the dangers of Fluoride in public water sheds in the U.S. as well, just like the Nazis did to German Jews in WWII. Industrial waste, true poisons added to drinking water to sedate, steer and control vast amounts of the populace while their real agenda comes into fruition right before their eyes. The masses–ever immersed within the machine matrix enslaving their daily attention (i.e. the ’smart’ phone–never looking up long enough take action to save their own skin, and the skin of their families.  Indeed, ‘absorbed in our world, it shapes their minds the most’, and thus, are not really surprised at all.  Almost expecting it.

After all, they have been conditioned, brainwashed, MK Ultra mind controlled, dulled and dumbed down for decades, indeed, predictive programmed by satanic television, radio, books, film and gaming, so much so, that they would defend the beast system and the actions of their captors to the death. A sophisticated, ultimate Stockholm Syndrome; the darkest one modern man has ever felt sorry for…

How’s Apple’s stock doing?

Powerful industries such as Big Pharma and Big Agriculture (i.e. Monsanto’s GMO death injected ‘Round Up” weed killin’ “food stuffs”), make billions upon billions, perhaps upwards of trillions world wide in profit a year in this sick care system. They will be damned, literally, if they are going to allow some little holistic ‘doctor’ to cut into their ‘bottom line’…


They create the cancer, then create a ‘cure’.

Either way, you’re fucked.

Essiac Tea Time anyone!

(please look up that Native American cure for cancer, you won’t be sorry!)

Like this angel Erin Elizabeth stated to host, ‘The Last Vagabond’ on YouTube,

“…if this was happening to say, hairdressers in this tight knit, ever plugged in society we all share today, do you think all those deaths would make it on “Good Morning America”?

Why are so many stylists dropping like flies?  All deaths highly mysterious, suspect, all without any real, natural evidence of explaining their ultimate demise?  Holistic hero doctors, who cares!  They don’t sign our checks, do they ABC?

Have a nice day folks! And an even better week end!



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