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March 2, 2012

Gathering Storm

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the grey, cool island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Friday morning, the second day of March, 2012, a cloudy day on Cape Cod, as we dry out from a raw system that passed through the region over the course of the night.  Yesterday saw the whole of the nation, particularly women, get all up in arms regarding the republican attempt to drive a Mack truck through the center of President Obama’s Affordable Health Care LAW, losing 51-49 in the Senate, thus, shooting down the “Blunt” amendment proposed by republicans that would have allowed employers to pick and choose what kind of health care coverage will be afforded to employees, based on the “morality” of said employer.  This, for obvious reasons, did not sit well with the overwhelming majority of women, and some men, this reporter included, who are seeing an unprecedented attack on their bodies, attempting to deprive women in this country of contraceptive drugs (drugs used for a myriad of health concerns, not just unwanted pregnancies), a ‘problem’ that was solved the year I was born, 1965, thereby begging the question, once again, “what planet, not to mention century, are these gentlemen”, and I use that term loosely, ” operating out of?”.  Moreover, what could possibly be their strategy in the fall, as the American electorate reelects our very fine, “Of, By and FOR the people”, President Barack Obama to his second term?  Look to baseball expert, and fine writer, George Will, who, although wrong about many issues, wrote an Op ed recently, Wall Street Journal?, coming out Sunday, regarding the plight of the republican chances to elect one of their own into the White House come November.  George equates this election to 1964, where democrats took over the House, Senate, and held the Presidency, reelecting Lyndon B. Johnson in a LANDSLIDE over Barry Goldwater, who took control of the Executive after the horrific killing of our 35th President of the United States, Jack Kennedy on November 22, 1963.  One of the darkest days in American history regardless of ‘what side of the aisle’ you may be on.  The insane rantings of a Rush Limbaugh–words I will not utter on seacapecod.net (not because I am some sanctimonious son of gun, rather, because a ‘man’ like that does not deserve any more recognition than his prostituted mouth already gets from the likes of his handlers, employers, that’s right folks, give it up for the ‘men behind the curtain’, the KOCH BROTHERS, bringin’ dirty air, in more ways than one, and poisonous water to your state real soon, you betcha!), please Google March 1st and that name for more info–symbolize the blatant and losing war against women, as the republican party travels down a rabbit hole…and into the great abyss that IS irrelevance. I have never seen so many Senators and congresswomen so angry, such as the great Barbara Boxer (D-CA), who made a point of pointing out just how far out on a limb these knuckleheads really ARE!  A FACT the ‘American People’ (credit Mitch McConnell, R-KY) are slowly, but surely, “…surely you can’t be serious?” “I am serious, and stop calling me Shirley.” (credit the late, GREAT Leslie Nielsen, from the classic 1980 film, AIRPLANE!, also starring the indubitably awesome Lloyd Bridges!), WAKING UP to.  Understanding, finally, who, what and why these guys are doing what they are doing, resting assured those actions are not for the GOOD of the country as a whole, for these guys, like ‘the brother’s KOCH’, are not interested in a democracy, rather, a PLUTOCRACY, rule by the few, wealthy industrialists who will continue to run rough shod over this nation, it’s people and it’s environment until something is done about the horrible Citizens United decision by the obviously way right of center Supreme Court, that believes all of this special interest money will end up being positive for a hurting nation?…pity that.  So, when you see old Mitt this week end, on the old Saturday and Sunday talk shows, keep this in mind, 250 million is less than 40 billion, a whole lot less.  For that is the difference between the .01 percent and the .001 percent.   These ‘brother’s KOCH’ are being  exposed, however, exposed by a great independent film maker Robert Greenwald and his new work, by that same name, “The KOCH BROTHER’S EXPOSED”.  A true accounting of who these guys really ARE and what they are up to, you know, busy hijacking our DEMOCRACY…  I highly recommend taking a good hard look at this film, for it exposes the true nature and goals of this secretive society that meets in Aspen, Palm Beach, most recently Vail, Colorado, where even Justice Clarence Thomas was good enough to stop by (can someone say conflict of interest? Sure, I knew that you could), offering the new talking points that are handed down from the alter of ‘he that has the most gold’ to those that will end up serving him, men like Mitt Romney who flip-flopped his position on that Blunt bill proposed yesterday on the Senate floor, changing his mind from ‘it’s none of my damn business’, to, ‘of course I support the Blunt bill, I thought you were talking about the watcha majiggi from the other double speak I use to confuse, manipulate and make you forget the question to begin with…, follow?’.  Keep an eye to the sky today, and tomorrow, as forecasters are calling for more tornadic activity over the heartland of this great country, as we wait in joyful hope for a savior to come on down from on high and save US from the madness that is slowly descending on our nations’ Capitol, madness that comes in the form of really, really BIG government trying to control the populations growth, forced birth if you will, while it continues it’s never ending chant, mantra, of PROFIT OVER PEOPLE–putting up one more ‘natural’ gas well, that will, in the end, destroy our fresh, clean water, our air, and our wildlife, leaving our kids with a filthy, broken country that only serves that .001 percent while the rest of the nation starves.   Have a wonderful weekend and please have some fun!  That is what this whole ‘ride’ is about anyhow. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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