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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 1, 2010

Fundamental 101

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Hello and greetings from Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  The weather is breaking today, as our friends in Rhode Island dry out from over a foot of rain in the past 72 hours, with I-95 under water and impassable at this very moment–climate change anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?  Anyone?  Yesterday was a set back for the “Friends of the Earth” and anyone who might not want to swim to work.  President Obama set the ball rolling yesterday– drilling for oil from Maryland on down to the gulf states, along with parts of Alaska.  This, of course, is folly.  It is estimated that 7-8 billion barrels of oil might be in these environmentally sensitive areas, a drop in the bucket as it were, and yet the impact of such an endeavor will have huge consequences on our environment for many years to come.  It will effect the fisheries on the east coast, as well as Alaska, ruin the view for home owners and tourists alike, and add yet another risk of an oil spill, as these rigs off the eastern seaboard are in the firing line facing stronger and stronger storms that will inevitably batter the region–all because of our addiction to fossil fuel and thus, emissions of carbon dioxide that we have been fighting against to begin with.  In the image above, you may see a microcosm of what we are facing.  In the back ground, you can see a “polar bear” that represents the environment.  On his heals, even though he is running at full stride, is a giant bull dozer, representing man kinds’ technological “advantage”.  You see how the one bull dozer leaves huge tire tracks on the sands of North Truro, destroying the natural beauty and delicate balance that nature IS.  “Drill, baby, drill…”, is a sick, outdated, abomination, acting as an answer to a problem of energy the whole world faces.  We don’t need to drill for any more oil.  We need to stop this madness.  We need to WAKE UP! Sweden will be FOSSIL FREE by the year 2020 and we will be destroying our coast line for generations, all because of politics that won’t matter 100 years from now.  100 years from now, future generations will be asking, “why didn’t they do something when they had the chance?”  If nothing is done to stop the unending emissions of carbon dioxide and thus, Methane, into the atmosphere, the polar ice cap will be gone, Greenland will have melted completely (along with every other glacier on planet earth) and Antarctica will be in the 50’s year round.  The seas will rise by 20 feet and most of the Atlantic seaboard that now houses these “new solutions”, disguised as oil rigs, will be dry, useless eye sores reminding us of our own demise.  Congratulations Sarah, “crazy horse”, Palin!  You have just won the “worst person of the millennium” award, hopefully presented by Keith Olberman and the rest of us “progressive, socialist, HUMAN BEINGS”.  The games that crazy people play are dangerous and diabolical.  You can’t reason with a crazy person.  The stakes are high and for once in our lives, as citizens of one of the greatest concepts to ever come to fruition, i.e. The United States of America, we need to buck up, as it is high time for all of us to find our voice and “just say NO”.  No, you cannot rape my land anymore for your short term profits!  The short sighted will fail in the end, but we do not have to go down with them.  If big oil, the insurance cartels, Casino del Wall Street, big coal, big pharma, and every other corporate entity that profits over  people wins, then the planet might just lose.  It is fundamental that we get that straight.  No one else who works in the corporate owned media will spell it out this simply.  The world is melting.  “Mend, baby Mend!” Have a wonderful Thursday folks and may divine intelligence always be with you!  Peace~ M

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