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September 9, 2010

Full Flight

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  It is so good to be with you, as always, on this Thursday morning, and after returning from “Faith Hill” at Dowses Beach to enjoy yet another wonderful sunrise, devoid of the “things of man”, only the great black back seagulls, Sanderlings and the Great Blue Heron to keep me company, as the Osprey’s have left the building for the winter, flying south, some as far south as the Amazon River basin, ushering in fall, which matches the weather pattern we have found ourselves in, cool temperatures with plenty of blue sky…the season of fall in New England cannot be matched anywhere in the world…come on down and visit US, we’ll leave the LIGHT on for ya!  The President of the United States, Barrack Obama, flew to the great state of Ohio yesterday, giving a rousing speech where he finally found his fighting voice and was fired up indeed, as he took shots at John, “I am the orangeman!”, as opposed to the Walrus, Boehner (R-OH), the House minority leader, who, when he takes a break from his golf game, speaks, according to him and his employers (multi-national corporations, heavy on the oil and gas industry) for, “the American People”. Exactly what “American People” do you speak for John?  The downtrodden in Louisiana?  You know, the men and women who have lost their livelihoods, such as the shrimp and oyster industry, the restaurant industry, the hotel industry and just about any other industry you can think of, due to the environmental crime of the century committed by bp, one of the very corporations you are in bed with?  Exactly how will cutting social security, medicare, the Environmental Protection agency, the Department of Education, women’s rights, gay rights, and deregulating the banking industry, the oil and gas industry, the coal industry, the insurance industry, while pushing this country backwards even further than the policies of George W. Bush… exactly how will these possible future monumental mistakes help the “American People” with anything in their lives, the lives whom you claim to speak for?  Further, where do you get off on ever speaking for “the American People” when your main “talking point”, number 1001, “Tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans (i.e. the p.o.h.n.’s contention that if we don’t extend the Bush tax cuts of 2001, 2003, that will add at least 700 billion dollars to the national deficit, money that we are borrowing from China, ending up in the pockets of rich Americans, while small businesses will still not be able to get loans, and the whole empty argument about job creation will be not even be an issue, because these tax cuts have historically created NO JOBS as they did (not) under BUSH) must be extended”, is the most anti-American vision of all, for it does NOT help the average AMERICAN citizen in the slightest, in fact, it hurts the overall economy (i.e., the National deficit, that you claim you are so concerned about), for only 2 percent of small business owners make over 250,000 dollars a year, and therefore, their argument, via the poisonous words of the “strategists”, that not extending the Bush tax cuts would hurt small businesses is simply not true.  I know, it is naive to think that we would we ever expect the truth from a scoundrel like John Boehner… Taking that a step further, Obama has proposed a 100 percent write off on all investment, for small business, in construction of new facilities, research and development, etc., a proposal that the republicans offered only a few months ago.  Now, as the President stated so eloquently during his speech in Ohio yesterday, that because he, Obama, proposed this step in the right direction for small businesses and the economy in general, the p.o.h.n. wants nothing to do with it… Obama put it like this yesterday, “if I told the republicans that the sky was blue, they’d say no.  If I told them that fish swim in the sea, they’d say no,” and if we all told them that if they don’t change their ways and start living as if they gave a sh$t about this country, as “they” so often “claim” that they do, this country would become a third world nation in 10 years, and as they watch the infrastructure and decay of our cities unfold before their eyes, “they would still say NO.”  You see, we are not playing with people who are in their right mind.  These monsters are in it, in the immortal words of “Dick” Cheney when he was speaking about the Iraq war, “we are in it ’till the end.”  Chilling words from a man who reminds me of some other dictator from 70 years ago.  When Hitler began his career as a genocidal maniac, he was actually an art student, then became interested in politics and, because he had a tyrant as a father, who beat him and put hate in his heart, he used those finely polished skills in his newly found profession with his main focus on the Jewish population.  Why?  Because his mother’s father may have been Jewish, and this “part” of him was something that he simply could not stand.  As hard as he tried, he could not wipe that thought from his mind– the fact that he might be Jewish.  Hitler used the anger and fear in Germany to his advantage, creating the SS and Gestapo, the secret police that was his muscle to bully the general population into his “way of thinking”, creating a country of fear and paranoia, something that mirrored his actual state of mind.  I’m trying to think of an analogy here that would fit, something with Boehner, McConnell, Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, and, um, let’s see, what do they all have in common?  Oh, that’s right, they are all FEAR mongers and haters, who have remained silent on this whole insane deal in Gainesville, Florida where some quack “preacher” is planning on a big old fashion book burning of the holy book, the Muslim equivalent of the Bible, the Quran. What could possibly go wrong with all of your silence?  The ridiculous assertion that one could draw a parallel to the building of a Mosque in Manhattan, two very long city blocks from ground zero in lower Manhattan is absurd, for they are two very different things.  A good example of this was shown on “Countdown, with Keith Olberman,” last night, where Pastor Steve Stone, from the little church in Memphis, Tennessee called “Heartsong“, how appropriate, is literally helping his neighbor, a Muslim, who is building a mosque right next door to the little Christian chapel, and went on Keith’s show, airing every week night at 8 and 11 p.m., EST, on MSNBC, to tell their story.  One of the only pieces of good news I heard all day long yesterday, as these two men embodied everything that is RIGHT with what America IS, how it should behave, and what we should all strive for in ourselves, our neighbors and the world at large.  This heathen in Florida, who is still planning on going through with what will be disastrous for the “American People”, by way of fueling that hate for America that does still exist in radical fringes of the middle east, but by no way defines it, therefore, putting our troops at more risk, the civilians that they are trying to “win the hearts and minds of” and Americans traveling abroad.  The image of a crazy white American burning the most sacred book to over half the world’s population is FOREVER, and will haunt the United States for the rest of it’s existence.  It is an abomination, and speaks volumes of WHO the “party of hell no” really is, along with their red headed step children, the tea party “movement”.  This is what you would hear from John Boehner, if you happened to be in the bar area of his country club and you pretend to be “one of them”, smiling nicely and, at the same time, feeling nauseous but keeping that turkey club down–he would secretly tell you that he couldn’t care less about a book burning of the Quran in Florida, and thinks it is about time we stand up to these “Muslims” who have brought such havoc to our country and world at large, that they must be stopped, in the name of Christianity and the good hard working “American People” that he has such a good handle on…”  John Boehner is a clown and has no guts, no vision and can’t hit a golf ball more than 100 yards, straight anyway.  This is a man who has licked more boots than Dan Quayle, and has no agenda for the “American People” other than to put them all, the one’s without a job, in camps, poor camps, cutting off all aid, creating a true plutocracy, a plutonomy, where the wealthy rule the day and the poor slip away into an oblivion, tailor made by the republican party as they take the word “austerity” to a new level, all while they climb aboard their yachts and have a wonderful lobster dinner, complete with Chrystal Champagne and Caviar.   Mark these words, when the republican party takes over after the fall elections, November 2, “billy bob” will become the Speaker of the House and he will try, along with the countless lobbyists, strategists, and gigantic corporations who “own” everything under the sun, not to mention the rest of the hapless “p.o.h.n./tea party”, to repeal the new health care LAW, the new regulatory LAWS on Wall Street, privatize social security, take out medicare and medicaid, slash the Department of Education, the Environmental Protection Agency, and turn this country back to the wolves that got us into the financial crisis to begin with–turning this country into a military dictatorship whose primary goal is to strategically place themselves in contention for the final game mankind will ever play–the great chess match of our “only” energy source, at least according to the idiots with the letter “r” after their name, OIL. Make no mistake about it, if the republicans are elected into the majority in the House of Representatives, the place where most laws are created, as that is what the legislative branch of the government is supposed to do, not block legislation like the republicans have done for the past 2 years, this country is in serious trouble, and may never fully recover.  It is a shame that more people are not that interested in history, or becoming at least a part time student of it, for if the electorate could only peer back 10 years, they would see the insanity of voting for someone like Sharron “Angle” of Nevada truly represents, a woman who is clearly insane as she croaked about “second amendment remedies” being used in the fall if they, “the p.o.h.n./tea party”, doesn’t get their way.  In other words, these crazy people would actually support some crazy person with a gun to, and I quote Ms. “Angle”, “take Harry Reid out.”  GOD FORBID. I bring back psychology 101 and the phenomenon of “projection”, into the equation here.  Here’s a question for you brother Beck, you speak of Nazi’s quite often in your little speeches and you also quote the words of GOD and claim that he is on your “side”.  Therefore, Glenn, we would all like to know this, the 64,000 dollar question, are you a Nazi?…you must pick a side first Glenn, and realize that you, your mind, what is left of it, are as transparent to US as a window looking out onto a sleepy ocean…for deep down inside, you admire Hitler, perhaps not all of the killing he did, but his power and his reign over the people that he referred to as, “little children who need a discipline from a disciplined Fuhrer, “father”.”  You create lies out of thin air, claiming that our President is a racist.  “Me thinks thou protesteth too much”…for that is what projection is, attacking something that reminds yourself of something within yourself that you despise…like the FACT that you ARE a racist. And, like Hitler who hated the fact that he might be half Jewish, and decided the best way to rid himself of the FACT was to kill as many Jews as possible, thus ridding himself of the problem, you must go on the attack everyday for the “party” and try and tear down the good that you see as something that the collective ego of the p.o.h.n. cannot abide by, hence, the projection.  You have turned on this country with your poisonous words, to try and take down a very good man in President Barrack Obama, for somewhere in all of your hatred for him, there remains a little glimmer of Love in your heart, something that you despise, and thus, must eradicate, for your being cannot live with hate (your ego) and love (the real you, the real “Glenn Beck”) at the same time.  You are a textbook case of paranoia, narcissism and rage (aged anger) that the good people at your wayward network, FOX NEWS, arrrggghhhh matie!, have tapped into in order to promote their sick agenda for the “American People”, an agenda that has no compassion, Love, Light or Divinity.  Only war, hate, violence, anger, paranoia, and more war.  That’s a hell of a platform you got going on there John, keep up the good work, the “Third Reich” is proud of YA!  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, all of the SEA TURTLES, DOLPHINS, WHALES, BROWN PELICANS and marsh lands therein…may GOD always be with you and yours. Have a great day everybody!  Peace~M

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