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February 3, 2015

Frozen U.S.(fiscal/monetary policy) tundra…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the frigid, calm, sunny island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this ice cold Tuesday morning, the third day of February, 2015, a bone chilling one outside the studios at Sea Cape Cod! Indeed, temperatures down at ye ‘ole Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront(s) are hovering well below zero if you factor in the wind.  It’s a darn good thing we are lucky enough to have U.S. Senator James, “global warming is the greatest hoax ever played on the American people”, Inhofe (R-OK), keeping an ‘eye to the sky’ for all of US! He is, of course,  the current Chairman on the U.S. Senate’s committee on “the Environment and Public works”, a statement that I think speaks for itself!  The real hoax and joke has already been played on said ‘merican people… For to put that CLOWN in charge of anything (save the Senate “men’s room”) is a classic example of putting a wolf in charge of keeping an ‘eye’ on the hen house…

This is, of course, just a symptom of a much larger problem this U.S. democracy is facing, a democracy with that little letter ‘d’ we all keep reading about!  The great U.S. President Barack Obama (history books will prove, the real one’s, you know who you are!), is fighting once again to pass a common sense budget that will help the vast majority of people here in this country, offering tax breaks to the crumbling middle class, while raising taxes on those folks who have benefited from the voodoo (trickle down, circa 1980), fiscal and monetary policies of the GOP over the past three to four to five decades; perhaps even longer than that, but that’s a ‘blog’ for another day.  U.S. corporations have literally stashed 2 plus Trillion dollars overseas, the real cheats, thereby prompting the president to take action by asking foreign earnings of said corporations doing business overseas to pay 18 percent.  Too much to ask say the GOP, especially considering that money will be going to repair our crumbling infrastructure system; requiring around 500 billion to fix.

Gee, if all those dead beat corporations were dead beat dads they would be thrown in jail would they not?  But here in good old, ‘not your grandfather’s GOP‘ land, one can get away with just about anything on Capitol Hill, especially being a bloody hypocrite, banking on the blind ignorance/uneducated reality of the vast majority of people in this country who are under-informed, dare I say poisoned by the likes of FOX or Rush Limbaugh.  Evil plutocratic pitch people who dupe mostly white, undereducated males into voting against their own best interests, thereby keeping the vicious cycle of poverty going on and on and on.  Just  like the horrible, mind numbing programming provided to the American masses every morning on FOX & friends, what are your thoughts Rupert?

Even though Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan is a liar and a hypocrite, he must somehow ‘work’ with President Obama on this groundhog day showdown over a reasonable budget, as Republicans offer up what UC Berkley economics professor Robert Reich describes as, “…an Orwellian edifice of hypocrisy; it’s well beyond the normal range of hypocrisy.  I mean if people WAKE UP to the FACTS of what these people are actually proposing, they would be utterly stupefied and amazed…”.

Take another Republican from Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker, considered the talk of GOP crazy town right now, the “man with the plan”. After Mitt left the stage, it seems the billionaire political activists’ Koch Brother’s newest toy, well, an old worn out toy that is about to get a makeover, filled that vacuum in less than a day… That’s right, it’s “Mr. exciting and sexy”, Wisconsin’s favorite son and puppet–Governor Scott Walker–who is all about that bass, slashing 300 million from Wisconsin public schools while giving 200 million to his corporate buddies who want to build a a new “Milwaukee Bucks” basketball arena, tax payers picking up the tab with yet another bond.  Building an arena that serves not the tax payers who can afford to go to a Bucks game, for the pricey tickets don’t really jive with a dead end $7.25 job.  A job that is going nowhere, just like many like it, as unions all across Wisconsin were among Walker’s first victims these past few years, all while his governorship was recalled by the very people who elected him.  Add that skeleton to the story of his old staff from Milwaukee, who are wearing orange jump suits right about now while their former boss is being flown out to “CALY” for a meeting with his new master plutocratic puppeteers–”the KOCH BROTHERS”–who will, mark my words, try and get this CLOWN/bully elected to the highest office in the land.  YIKES!


“…the greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing mankind he didn’t exist, and like that, he was gone.” (credit the dark film starring Kevin Spacey, “Usual Suspects”, circa 1995).

Dark money indeed!  We shall SEA folks!  Beware and keep your eyes open!  FOLLOW THE MONEY! There is a whole lot of corruption going on under the surface, what with 900 million thus far in the race, no accountability or civility!   The political jockeying by the right, crazy shenanigans ongoing 24/7 with the all consuming plutocratic 2016 U.S. presidential horse race is going to be fun to watch.  But please, do not allow slick Madison Avenue Ads fool you Wisconsin/America!  Please don’t let that KOCH money blind you and yours to the danger of electing someone like a Scott Walker.  He would take this country down a path it does not want to go down, believe me.  Just take a good look at what he did and is doing to the great state of Wisconsin, especially to the unions, women’s health, voter suppression and “John Doe” in Milwaukee.  He has already disqualified himself to be president and I pray the whole of the ‘left wing media’ will shine a bright, white hot spot light on this guy and WAKE UP the masses to make sure they elect a DEMOCRAT come November of 2016…

Have a great day and week ahead folks!  Ever steering clear of those rotten wooden nickles thrown about by FOX “news”, side effects still include projectile vomiting, internal bleeding, cramps, night sweats, blurred vision, hallucinations, crippling paranoia and of course, delusions of grandeur… beyond the normal Rupert Murdoch hacking of the Royals.

Ta Tas!


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