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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 10, 2009

Frozen Assets

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The first blog I wrote was directed at the sponsorship of Spam and Brian Williams dedication to promoting it.  I thank him, for he serves a noble public function, to glibly tell the American public that the frozen assets metaphorically shown above will never thaw.  Thus, I want to congratulate NBC news and Brian especially, for he has spoken much of “priorities” and “sacrifice” of late, and I really appreciate the second time he has force fed us that wonderfully nutritious “meat” SPAM.  The country is falling apart if you are taking notes on one of Brian’s underling’s report on how to dice, slice, fry and serve up the yummy mystery meat.  To hell with education and health care and to heck with being Mr. nice guy to the corporate media.  There are powers that are above the corruption of the corporate media, and as the frozen assets melt, all Will come out with the wash and the tide will turn, in a very meaningful way, if we all pull together as one. Peace M

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