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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 21, 2021

fried, filed and fillet…

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(click “above deck” to listen!)

Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun lit, azure skied, mild, calm, casual, causal island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on a beautiful Spring morning, a Wednesday according to Reuters, The Twenty-First Day of April, 2021, broadcasting LIVE from our ‘global’ headquarters along the banks and village of mighty Bass River.  Lo, listening, as these words are formed out of thin air like the ‘CON’VID-19(84), not mention the fiat currency our overlords use as weapons over us, yes, listening intently as this watery essay is created, the ‘real world’ of TV and the Internet is drowned out, gone! For the only sounds this extremely ‘humble’ reporter can hear are emanating from outside, source natural sounds from the trees in my backyard...

Serene, simple, symphonic singing of the Cardinal and Chickadees, Blue Jays and Morning Doves cooing ever so softly, moving one to tears..

For life lives on this humble reporters deck, high above in the branches of the massive Ponderosa Pine, or in an ancient Cherry Tree next to her, singing to a far away lover on another Ponderosa Pine it’s unique mating song, a song so sincere, synchronic and sweet it echoes from Provincetown to Nantucket…


“It didn’t start with the gas chambers, it started with one party (the Cabal), controlling the media.  One party controlling the message.  One party deciding what is TRUTH.  One party censoring free speech and silencing opposition.  One party dividing ‘citizens’ (slaves) into “US” and ‘Them” and calling on their supporters to harass them…

It started when good people turned a blind EYE

…and let it happen.”

The sad, pathetic, “Karen’s” of this world, the faggot Beta ‘males’, the transgender freaks, the worshippers of warped, depraved lunatic murderers like Tony Fauci and “Kill” Gates and their Frankenstein ‘Science’ from a mysterious Wuhan lab in China, all coming to a kill shot crescendo with mass deaths due to said ‘final solution’, as the “COVID-21′ ‘new variant’ will be blamed on the UN-vaccinated…

Not on the men W.H.O. are perpetrating this mass genocide!

(and ALL those complicit in this CONSPIRACY to cull 90 percent of Humanity by 2025!, source: Deagel.com)

For it is and always has been, for centuries now, the AQUIESCERS of this world who allow these small, little greedy thugs to take our God given freedoms and lives from US and our loved ones’ without a bloody FIGHT!  Are you a man or a mouse, oh wait, don’t answer that, you took that “JAB”, indeed, these sheep are to blame for the bully still getting his way and now being allowed to literally put a needle in your child’s arm to cause sterility as the best case scenario, death at the worst.

“All the World’s a Stage”, as William, “if that’s your real name!”, Shakespeare once famously stated, and indeed it IS!

So for God’s “man” and by all means, don’t believe those ‘conspiracy theorists’ when they tell you this whole George Floyd play was just that, a mass production to launch the George Soros funded “Black Lives Matter” divide and conquer/cancel culture to burn America to the ground!

Which is working out pretty good for it’s ‘president’, who besides being a full time ‘activist’ to improve lives for poor Black Americans? she is also raking it in, Ka CHING!  It be raining dollar bills brothers and sisters!  She be buying four properties with one in L.A., soon to be the Caribbean?

You go girl!

‘Can you say hypocrisy?’, can you spell hypocrisy? can you define hypocrisy? Sure, I knew that you could….’

(credit: Fred Rogers from “Mr. White Boy’s Neighborhood”, TV series from 1968-2001)

So have a super duper day at the movies folks, the one you and yours are currently participating in! Look at you, getting all fired up! 

“Thanks George Floyd, you know, for, taking one for the team!”,

(credit: “Speaker of the House” the CCP stole“,

give it up for za monster!


“Nazi”, “90 proof”, Pelosi!

Alas, those W.H.O. took that nefarious, criminally engineered, satanic ‘needle in the arm’, starring with them ’selfies’;

tragically, most never even coming close to conscious;

UN-aware they are being played like a fiddle;

fried, filed and fillet…

A frog in a pot of warm water, the gas stove slowly heating it’s contents until said frog, Kermit, has sadly croaked…

Frog says Ribbit?




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