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October 5, 2011

Fresh Start

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Wednesday morning, the fifth day of October, 2011, a cool, rainy start to the seven o’clock hour here on Cape, as we look forward to another day in paradise aboard the U.S.S. Minnow, a boat we are all well aware of, as it shifts aimlessly about this anxiety filled, fuzzy sea of greed, disillusionment and injustice, as it’s ‘leaders’ attempt to fix the hole in the floundering vessel called the United States of America.  Here’s a pop quiz, ‘if the professor (this word can easily be substituted for the politician of your choice) is so smart, having the skills to make a radio out of a pineapple, why can’t he fix a hole in a boat?’  The inquiring minds of ‘the American people’ (credit Mitch, ‘the mouse’, McConnell (R-KY) would surely like to know…  Yes, here we all are, aboard this boat, wondering what these ‘men’ in Washington are really going to do for the people whom they were elected to serve.  It reminds me of a dirty cop, who marks an unarmed man, cornering him, handcuffing him, and then, with no resistance from said man, the officer deliberately trips him, as his hands are tethered behind his back, forcibly, with his hand on the back of his head, sending his being hurdling to the ground face first, smashing that innocent face and head into the sidewalk below, opening up a huge gash above his eyebrow, as blood gushes all over the pretty cobblestones that line the fabled island town, all in the name and OATH taken by said officer, an oath that should be pretty easy to UNDERSTAND--’to protect and serve…’ Somehow, the boys in Washington, still playing by twentieth century rules of political/social engagement, did not get that memo, as the likes of ‘the Brother’s Koch’, continue to spin their spider webs of deceit and criminality, ensnaring unsuspecting victims and sending them face first into the muck that IS Washington D.C.. With the movement “Occupy Wall Street” gaining more and more momentum and attention, finally, from the corporate owned airwaves, even if that coverage, by say FOX NEWS or it’s wanna be sister station, CNN, is, for a lack of a better word, horse$hit, yes, as that movement that has sported over 3000 protesters in Boston just a few days ago, with a big rally and march expected today in New York City, the nation and indeed world at large is watching and saying to their collective selves, ‘gee, these guys might be on to something here…’ I thought I might, as I have some real life experience with this sort of stuff, give you an exclusive transcript from two NYPD officers and a protestor they arrested, during the arrests that took place on the Brooklyn Bridge this past Saturday, with 700 arrested on that bridge that day, a real life accounting of what the officers said and were thinking as they led the protesters from “Occupy Wall Street”, lured some would say, correctly I might add, yes, lured these protesters onto the road way of the bridge, thus trapping them somewhere between Manhattan and Brooklyn, taking out much of the media coverage, ‘can you say cover up?  Sure, I knew that you could’, insuring they would nail as many of the filthy, hippy, bongo playin’, weed smokin’, peace lovers who are just looking for some FAIRNESS in an obvious monopoly real life GAME of wealth and power, a trend that has been going on now in this great nation for far too long, as it continues to hurt FAR too many of it’s own PEOPLE… So, without further adieu, I give you the New York Police Department and some random comments and actions taken by those ‘brave’ men who take their marching orders from the likes of a Mayor Bloomberg, who is now facing a class action law suit, by all 700 victims, of his own…enjoy! AND ACTION! “Hey Burt, what do you want to do with these maggots?”  “I hate this f’ing job, can’t we just go ahead and open fire already?”  “We can’t, the boss says no violence, most of these people have never seen the inside of a cell, so I think the cuffs, if we put ‘em on real tight, you know, cut off the blood circulation, may just scare some of these faggots away, and they might think twice about protesting the boys down on Wall Street, uhhhh, do ya know ‘dat ‘dey are using Blackwater now as personal assassins, I mean body guard, gosh I wish I could get a gig like ‘dat…  True story, yeah, ‘dis is going to get really ugly, ’cause this really is a culture war, you know, rich versus poor, and I gotta tell ya, I’m not going to do this anymore if they don’t start paying me a decent salary, what’s ‘dat word, oh yeah, com, ah, men, errr, surate with ‘da Blackwater boys.”  “I know what you mean, every day it’s like a war on this beat, watta are ya gonna do?  Am I right Burt? eh?, hey! ‘dere’s one that doesn’t look right to me, hey you! where are you going! hey! just hold still and stop screaming, I don’t care if the cuffs are on really tight, you can tell ‘dat to the judge, you socialist Nazi sympathizer!”  “What’s ‘dat, did you have something you wanted to say to me tough guy, you laughin’ at me punk?” Protester on the Bridge: “Yes, I would like to say could you get your foot out of my a$$, you have already arrested me, now take the donut out of your mouth and book me, I know my rights and so does my lawyer, and so, for that matter, do all of the other protesters on this bridge, along with every other protester in this movement, not to mention some pretty good folks all around this great nation of OURS… That is why we are protesting to begin with–TO WAKE PEOPLE UP! You are just a pawn, the muscle in a game that has gone quite out of control, a game of monopoly that has taken 99 percent of the AMERICAN PEOPLE out of the equation written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776… ‘the right to LIFE, LIBERTY and the pursuit of Happiness’.  But you would not like books written by Thomas Jefferson, even if you did actually, truly, know who that IS, for it involves reading a big book that does not have any pictures of monster truck/NASCAR events, porn, or advertisements for Dunkin’ Donuts…something this system of ‘governing’ has taken out of the picture unless you are one of the top one percenters, one of the elite, who, whether they got there by chance or fate, have a responsibility to the rest of their brother’s and sister’s in this nation and indeed world at large, to step up and proclaim this very structure of our tax code, banking, insurance and energy systems as RIGGED, a system that is not only unfair, but CRIMINAL.”  “I don’t get paid enough to think beyond my pay grade you un-kept, tree huggin’, pot smokin’, liberal, animal lovin’ scumbag, and if you are not careful, I’ll bash your head into the sidewalk just like I did to some poor schmuck when I was a cop back on Nantucket, before I was sued and I lost my badge… I will just make sure there are no witnesses this time.” and cut, print and wrap. I hope you enjoyed this hour of midnight theater, please do not forget to tip your waitresses and have nice march–you brave protesters of “Occupy Wall Street” in New York and around the nation!– or, in the immortal words of Billy Crystal from the classic film The Princess Bride, “Have fun storming the castle boys”… PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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