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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 25, 2010


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  It is good to be with you on another beautiful start to the day here on our little sand bar in New England.  The days are getting longer and the sun is getting stronger, so you have no excuse not to come on down and visit us here in the seaside village of Osterville–we’ll leave the LIGHT on for you!  The news in the Gulf, however, is not so good.  There is a growing outrage, more intense than the initial reaction to the largest man made disaster in the 234 year history of the United States of America, in the Gulf region as to the government’s response to the crisis.  Granted, the oil industry has the technology to “attempt” to STOP the spill, whereas the Obama administration does not–or so we are told.  We have been told that bp, the corporation ultimately responsible for the dying Pelicans who are soaked in the horrible ooze, will “pay” for all of the damage done by THEIR negligence.  We have been told that bp is doing everything in their power to put a plug in the gusher, a hole in the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico 5000 miles under the surface.  We have been told that the effects to the delicate wet lands would be “modest” by none other than the CEO of bp who would never lie to the American people, right?  There is something rotten in Denmark.  If you get the feeling that someone is hiding something from you, then they probably ARE.  We must go back to the original application for drilling in exploratory depths such as the Deep Horizon well was drilling.  In it, they stated that measures were in place to stop any unforeseen leak.  On the other side of their mouth, I mean application, they state that they HAVE NO EMERGENCY PLAN to stop a catastrophic spill. Meanwhile, the Obama administration, under the shadowy smile of Mary Landrieu (D-LA), who, while talking out of one side of her bought and sold mouth (owned and operated by bp, Shell, Conoco, and Exxon Mobile), speaks to her master’s plan to “pay back” all of the fisherman who have lost their livelihood due to this spill, while on the other side of that two-sided face, she wheels and deals more drilling platforms. All before the original disaster, that is still spewing 100,000 barrels of sweet Louisiana crude into one of our most precious resources–the wetlands of the South, is even plugged.  Something stinks in Denmark alright.  The blurring of democrats and republicans is becoming clear to even the untrained eye, as corporate greed makes no political distinctions.  Money is the king, and these politicians are becoming increasingly transparent to whom they offer their loyalty.  It is certainly not to the fisherman of Louisiana, their families, and the residents of the Gulf whose lives are dependent on the ocean and all of the LIFE therein.  I await Mary’s next news conference with great anticipation, as she may quote Tom Hanks from the epic and classic film, “Forest Gump”.  I can envision a reporter asking Ms. Landrieu, “Senator, when do you think the oil breach will be stopped?”  With her patronizing voice, filled with compassion and a deep love for her constituents, Mary Landrieu replies, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get…”  Feeling frustrated with the ambivalent answer to an urgent question in need of a real answer, the reporter again asks, “is it not true that, fairly recently, Saudi Arabia experienced an 800 million barrel spill and 85 percent of the oil was skimmed out of the sea via a navy of tanker ships, effectively solving the problem?  Could we not fire bp and take over, using every resource available to stop this spill, clean it up, irregardless of the cost?”  Mary, looking flustered, quotes Forest once again, “I gotta pee”…  This is the most glaring example of the “free market”, another word for corrupt corporations– taking everything they can from the American people and leaving them to twist in the wind.  Take any example across the globe, when it comes to “exploring” for black gold.  The oil companies will rape and pillage, leaving the inhabitants, their land and their children polluted and poisoned.  In the early 90’s, Chevron took it’s act down to Ecuador, where they drilled for 10 years, pulled out their equipment, after devastating an ancient rain forest, and left–leaving behind polluted rivers, oozing with thick, black tar-like oil deposits.  The poorest of the poor were then forced to go about their lives on the river that gave them life.  But now it is filled with poison, where, by necessity, they are forced to bathe, drink and watch their children play in the poisonous, filthy, oil slick that used to be a pristine river.  Now it is our back yard and I pray to GOD that someone with power stands up to these MONSTERS and does something about it.  I have no patience for men of power who abuse that privilege.  I was assaulted on Nantucket in 2003 by a corrupt police officer who lied on his police report as to what he did to me, and I can tell you, as I am invited to a deposition in Boston a week from this Friday (as I am suing the town of Nantucket), I know what it feels like to be abused by people who are meant to “protect” you.  In my upcoming book, “Taking Fog to Nantucket” (takingfogtonantucket.com), I touch on many of these issues, such as PTSD, from which I suffer from, and expose the very nature of power and how it has the tendency to become corrupted.  Why would an officer of the law, for example, lie on his police report?  To cover his a$s.  Why would an administration hedge their bets and rely on bp, the wolf who is looking for an in back at the hen house, to actually pull out all of the stops, such as in the Saudi Arabia example, and get this mess cleaned up?  Because it would imply and define their own guilt.  The fact of the matter is this, power has always tried to take the upper hand over the people.  However, that is not what this country was based upon–QUITE THE OPPOSITE!  “You wore green, so you could hide,” Carl Spakler (played by Bill Murray) stated in the classic film, “Caddyshack”, and I truly believe that bp’s green flower-like symbol on their corporate label is the most ironic icon in the world today–for bp represents nothing green and has used that color far to long to hide its miserable mission statement, echoed by crooked corporations across the planet–”PROFIT OVER PEOPLE.”

GOD SPEED TO THE GULF!  Have a nice day folks.  Peace~ M

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