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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 30, 2021

Fox nation…

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(click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings and saturated salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the soon to be rain driven, wind blown, cool, raw, rowdy, raucous island of Nantucket! It is a gloomy Sunday morning, The Thirtieth Day of May, 2021, broadcasting LIVE from lovely Bass River, where the many Cherry, Dog Woods, Apples, and all the other incredible annual flowing trees are still in high bloom, brilliant colors of pink, purple, gold, amber, red, and every color under our very limited VISION as humans, only SEA=ingĀ  tiny fraction of the wide spectrum of LIGHT, or the reality all around US…, yet if we take ‘the time‘ to turn off the bloody man made satanic propaganda devises aimed at our and nature’s destruction, perhaps we will come to realize that it is GOD that is ultimately in CHARGE,

Not the other way around…

Take heart, and believe, stay close to your heart and away from the evil intent of wicked men;

for there will be a GREAT Reckoning…

Stay true to His Word, Jesus said to love our ‘enemies’, so do it, and don’t give in to the HATE!

Stay with LOVE.

Just ask my fox pups I tracked for a week while I was on ’sabbatical’ on Nantucket’s great Sound,

they’ll tell ya!

It truly is a ‘FOX’ ‘nation’, at least “GUTFELD!” (only on ‘FOX’ at 11 p.m. Eastern), believes that, because “Animals are Great!”, credit said talk show host with the most that truly gets’ it! Well done on Friday’s show! Dan B. coupledĀ  with that fiery red head Degan Macdowell, “The Five” at Five that is, followed up by that intrepid professional Bret Baier at six p.m., the best in the business as when compares him to say ABC’s ‘David, “Count von Count”, Mule, I mean Muir, of said other network’s “World” “News” Tonight, again, a bit off pudding even for you Mule!

So, I give high marks to real philosophers, writers, TV hosts like Greg Gutfeld for at least attempting to say the WHOLE TRUTH, and skirting that fine line of what it is still “allowed” on the monstrous, brains washing corporate mega phones of zee Vorld!

Ya, WWII propaganda Nazi Josef Goebbels would be in AWE of.

Indeed, Tucker Carlson, Hannity, just to name of few of said “FOX NATION”, some of the journalists out there in “TV” MK Ultra land who still have the balls to actually report on some of what is really going on in the world today…

Kudos to YOU for standing up for this Republic.

Begging the question, riddle me this bat man, if these wonderful creatures of the great wilderness can live free in peace, love and harmony by the SEA, why can’t WE?

“I put it to you Greg!”

(credit: National Lampoon’s film “Animal House”, circa 1978, starring the late, great John Belushi)

One must have FAITH in the GOOD that still exists and will even after this dark Cabal/borg has made it’s exit.

The lethal injections DESIGNED to CULL MAN are well under way and being pushed by every WHORE under the dimming sun…

From all the sick, twisted, Satan worshiping ‘celebrities’, i.e.,”God”, or Morgan Freeman to Elton John, even a once hero, John Cleese, shame on you sir!

You all know W.H.O. you are, and so do WE!

WE are billions, you are a few warped, depraved, child molesting/killing (Adrenochrome). psychopaths’ that WILL, by God,


Nuremberg 2.0 baby!

Have a nice Sunday folks, and if anyone didn’t tell you that they love you today, seacapecod.net just did!


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