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March 6, 2012

Forest for the Trees

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the crisp, sunny island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning, ‘Super Tuesday’ here in the United States, the 6th of March, 2012, a stunningly beautiful day outside of my window, looking out onto Cotuit Bay, ‘where ocean meets the wood’, yes sir, looking at a hawk flying high in the air, harassed ever so slightly by some crows who crowed unequivocally, ‘not in my backyard’… So goes this republican marathon, as the ‘not your grandfather’s GOP’ has managed to scare off half the women voters in this great country, with the party’s ’spiritual’ and ‘intellectual’ leader, Mr. Rush Limbaugh shown the door via the lack of interest on behalf of corporate sponsors to well, sponsor that kind of loose talk, no, strike that, illicit, degrading, bully talk towards women of all ages, colors, creeds, sexual orientation, you name it.  For the half hearted words thrown out by all these guys with an ‘r’ next to their name are pretty damn lame.  Words such as ‘inappropriate’, commented on by baseball expert and columnist extraordinaire, a man I often disagree, but like, Mr. George Will, who said on ABC’s “This Week”, “…it’s inappropriate when you use a salad fork for the main entre”–a brilliant statement leaving very little else to say.  I defer this one to the wonderful women of this great country!  Go get ‘em tiger! This is a microcosm of the larger issue facing the future of the republican party, exemplified perfectly by 1500 attendees at Lion’s football stadium in Detroit recently, a political rally we all remember only a few moments ago for old Mitt, a ‘rally’ whose attendees contrasted strikingly with the glaring absence of people by way of 65,000 empty seats around Mr. One percent, a glaring and rather obvious metaphor for exactly how many American citizens Mitt, “King of the Wild Frontier?”, Romney, the presumptive and smart Irish money nominee for this “republican” nomination, is truly speaking to, the .001 percent, or, roughly 400 individuals whose wealth, combined, is greater than half the population of this once great, proud and flourishing nation, a nation that can and WILL be again– roughly 160 million people!  The frightening aspect of this race however, is not who wins this ridiculous primary fight, as it is all a sham anyhow, just ask the voters up in Washington county, in the great state of Maine, where their votes did not even count, no, the scary part about this whole RIGGED game is the hijacking of our nation’s number one RIGHT–the right to VOTE!  Reverend Al Sharpton, the great activist and humanitarian who also moonlights in his spare time as a political talk show host in a must see television news hour, only on MSNBC, airing at six sharp every week night, eastern standard, “Politics Nation”, one of the few political pundits worth his or her salt, yes sir, the great man is in Alabama today and rest of the week, marching in commemoration of the infamous Bloody Sunday march from Selma to Montgomery, led by Martin Luther King, Jr. on March 7, 1965, and many others, whose march for the right to vote ended abruptly when police attacked the peaceful protesters so savagely a stunned, sickened nation cried out FOUL, eventually leading to the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which passed into law that same year.  Of course many lives were cut short, eventually sacrificed for the rights of all men and women to exercise their right to express what the Founders of this nation envisioned…one man or woman equals one vote, translation–ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. Of course this hijacked republican party of 2012 offers a different interpretation of Thomas Jefferson’s true intentions (twisting and hiding his words in 2012 republican double speak, or, as they are commonly referred to as ‘talking points’) when authoring the documents WE all adhere to, principals, above personalities, governing this country, built on and amended as needed, a nation that endured some painful growing over the course of it’s young life.  However, this republican party wants to ‘Go Back to the Future?’, in this year of 2012.  The real news in the United States today IS that 34 states have adopted or enacted some kind of legislation that inhibits, or, in 5 million cases, literally disenfranchises African Americans, Latinos, poorer elderly folks, students and the very, very poorest among us, you know, those Jesus himself said he might just well be disguised as ‘one of’, prohibiting typical American citizens from voting, with the rationale equating to a red herring, the old, ‘voter fraud’ horse$hit that does not pass the laugh test, as the number .0003 percent tells all, for that is the number of voter fraud cases reported most recently, a number that ‘justifies’ taking away the right to vote, Machiavellian I must say, DISENFRANCHISING millions of Americans who don’t possess the ‘proper ID’, such as a driver’s license or a Passport, items of identification that were not needed in the elections of 2008, 2004, 2000, 1996, 1992, 1988, 1984, 1980…   It is an amazing strategy these boys have come up with.  Not only are they shooting one foot, they are taking aim at the other, determined to alienate every voting block in their blind march towards their own demise.  Pity that.  No thanks, after the ‘manly’ apology and then weak responses by the republican ‘leadership’ or wanna be leadership to Sandra Fluke, most Americans have turned you off.  Tell your lies to someone who gives damn, for this is the year of the DRAGON and all will be exposed for who and what they truly ARE, as WE all try and rebuild after the country was almost taken over by forces that only have four hundred people’s best interests in mind!  Good Luck to all the participants in today’s and this week’s commemoration of the 1965 Bloody Sunday march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, it is living history for those AWAKE enough to sea what the heck is really going on, we look forward to the rally at the end of the week! God’s speed Rev! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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