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April 8, 2020

Forest for the trees…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the damp, dreary, depressing, daunting, dashing island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Eighth Day of April, 2020, Wednesday, broadcasting LIVE from Ocean street’s wet and wild shores, with Historic Hyannis wondering what happened to OUR country, lo, this great Republic, the grand experiment? What happened to uncommon leadership skills? What happened to critical thinking devoid of any political ambitions?

What happened to basic human compassion, kindness and clear consciousness?

MSNBC’s fine morning show, “Morning Joe”, ushered forth an angry anchor by way of Joe Scarborough, whose ire was raised sky high regarding U.S. president Donald J. Trump’s failure on so many fronts, i.e. travel bans with no teeth, ignoring memos from his own admiration who cautioned this buffoon as to just how dangerous COVID-19 will be in this nation, shining the LIGHT on the lies, the contradictory quotes, his hypocrisy in general, bringing Joe’s voice to a fevered pitch that most Americans who have a clue socially distanced feel with great zeal.

On February 26th of this year, President Trump spoke to FOX News’ rodeo clown Sean  Hannity, squeezing his big, fat, red nose, both his own and said reporter’s, making an awful high pitched squeak, never heard before on planet earth, yes, he infamously said then and now,

“…yeah Sean, so good to SEA you my brother from anotha mutha, how are things going over at my favorite noise factory?  Anyway, yeah, we have 15 cases of ‘dis corona virus ‘ting, soon to be zero, we’ve got this under control.  That I can tell ‘yous!  I think we have done a tremendous job, eh ooh! it’s a  beautiful ‘ting!  I mean really beautiful if you look at ‘da job, it’s out of ‘dis world I tell ‘yous!  It’s beautiful Sean!  You know Sean I once killed a man in Reno just to watch him die, but I digress, you know, ‘dese dangerous MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC reporters must be silenced somehow, you know, da one’s I am frightened of,? ‘Cause dey are gonna expose my weak, feckless ‘cheerleader for America’ press conferences, devoid of any real evidence ‘dat I really did do a ‘great job’ when it comes to ‘dis ‘Chinese Virus’, yeah, ‘dese tough guys like Scarborough can kiss my ugly, enormous, substantial, pampered, ivory white ass, ’cause like ’da fiasco in Wisconsin yesterday, where tens of thousands of people were basically forced to vote, via a viral gerrymandered Republican controlled state of law makers, in an important judicial election for ‘dat state’s Supreme Court–in the middle of a global pandemic mind you–tilling the ground for November elections, banning ’da thought of ‘mail in ballots’, for ‘dat would spell ‘da end for my hideous run as ‘dis nation’s president.  Please don’t ”tink of me as a giant, ‘nasty’ hypocrite, even ’doe I recently mailed mine from ’da golf course at Mar a Lago, because I can.  yYah, yeah, ‘dat’s right, it sets the coming double standard of my reelection in the Fall.  Am I rambling?  I don’t think so, I am getting great ratings, better than “The Apprentice” and I never thought I would say ‘dat!  Eh ooh, ‘dey love me Sean, I know you do!  And because ‘day love me, along with my inner circle of dipshit family members, ‘day will vote me back in.  What was the question again?  Oh, yeah, sorry I am a little out of it today, too much Ensure, ‘ya Sean, we have ‘dis all under control, Dis virus ‘dat will go away, a real miracle, believe me Sean, I’m a smart guy, some might go as far to say ‘dat I’m some kind of special genius, I guess I get it from my amazing blood line.  Really Joe, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain and for God’s sakes, don’t listen to people like Joe Scarborough, for he, and his partners in crime, Mika, Willie, Mike Barnacle , and ‘da rest of ‘da MSNBC crew who called me incompetent, yeah,, yous’ will pay for your blind insolence and intolerance for ‘dis simple, yet brilliant superman from Queens, New York!  ’Dat I can tell ‘yous… And ”dat goes double for da rest of ‘dem damn critics of my amazing , ‘most excellent adventure’ of ‘leading’ this once great, now tainted, corrupt, corporate kleptocracy forward via my sick, slick style, my lack of intellect, my stumbling, bumbling incompetence.  Ever and  always a footlocker full of fumbling folly ‘dat will cost many American lives, as we decimate the economy for years, perhaps decades to come, eh ooh!  Don’t blame me, blame yourselves for electing ‘Da Donald’…  The nature of our voting will now be about partisan-$hit, not people. Did you get a look at ‘dat spokesperson in a full hazmat suit in Wisconsin? Very funny stuff! He was trying to calm and convince Wiscoons voters ‘dat there is not danger in being around large numbers of people?  It’s like ‘dat great actor Kevin Bacon in ’da 1978 film, “Animal House”, streaming to the crowd, with no one listening, as the band, parade and people break into mass chaos, “…do not fear, all will be well, all is well?”  ‘Den, hilariously, he is run over by the band, flattened like a pancake. LOL. ‘Dat is how I am going to win.dis Fall . Mass Anxiety will propel me forward, you know ‘dat?  I want to keep people in fear, I don’t want ‘dem to feel comfortable.  Ever! That’s real leadership!  I may not read Mika, but I watch a lot of TV, especially ‘dem old movies about dictators like Stalin, Mussolini, Napoleon, Hitler and Chinese premier Xi, whose iron fist dictatorship inspires me so.  Keep ‘em wondering who has ‘dis virus, ‘dat’s ‘da ticket!  ‘Dat is precisely why we don’t have enough tests, it’s designed ‘dat way!  Watching all ‘dose Wisconsin people standing in line to vote in a hail storm, yeah in a loaded, gerrymandered election stands as the model for what will happen come November, for we will force people still facing ‘dis pandemic to go out and vote in person, not by mail, ipso facto, propelling me, Donald J. Trump, back into ‘da White House for another four years.  So what if more people die in ’da process?  You gotta break some eggs if yous’ are gonna make an omlete, and I can tell ‘yous ‘dis, my Mexican maid makes a mean omelet,  you should stop by Sean when ‘yous are in Florida, I’ll have her whip you one right up! ‘Dey obviously can’t SEA ‘da forest for ‘da trees. All I can say in closing Sean is ‘dat I am truly grateful to ‘reporters’ like you and the rest on FOX News, radio goblins like Rush Limbaugh, and all ‘da ‘odder hacks who do ‘da dark side’s bidding every day, without question.  Real soldiers in ‘da real war. Understanding ’da importance of ‘da chain of command.  Eh ooh!  Don’t forget to tip your waitresses, I mean corporate CEO’s in ‘dis stressful, foggy, frightening time!  Like my pal Mitt Romney said so long ago, ‘corporations are people too’!  Trump out!”

This too shall pass.

“In spite of ourselves…”

God’s speed John Prine!

Country folk music legend, passing away at the age of 73 due to COVID-19.

A great light, song writer, singer and  humanitarian who truly ‘got it’…

Have a super day folks!  Keep positive, keep safe, keep sane!


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