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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 20, 2009


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I took a ride with my good friend and lawyer Mr. Joseph Gargon yesterday to Falmouth, Massachusetts.  Over the next few weeks, I will be writing more about the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, perhaps the best school in the country for marine biology and oceanography. Rivals include the Scripts Institute in La Jolla, California, another fine institution of higher learning.  However, yesterdays trip, in an unusually deep fog bank for this time of year, involved a great discussion of yesteryear with Jack, Bobby and Teddy Kennedy, as he grew up with all of them–he is their first cousin.  I found out that “community organizations” were created via Joe Kennedy, in the early 50’s, to help get Jack Kennedy elected to the Senate in 1952.  Women played a big role in these “teas”, where one person would invite one and so on.  These organizations of women were very powerful and shows just how important grass roots politics can be.  I will be sitting down with Joe to talk about his experiences growing up in Hyannisport, playing his freshman year of football at Notre Dame in 1950, as WWII was winding down, his first days at a law firm that hired him as one of the first Irish-Americans, a group that was treated with disdain in certain parts of the country, just as the blacks were during the 50’s and 60’s.  Certainly not to compare the two, but to empathize with how a black man today still feels the inequality that is just underneath the surface, as exposed  by the shocking and disturbing behaviour of one Rupert Murdoch, a true pirate and the owner of the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal.  The cartoon, if you missed it, was of two “police officers” who gunned down a chimpanzee in the middle of the street and said in a very maniacal way, “I guess they are going to have to find someone else to write the next stimulus package”…you would have and IQ of 50 or below to think anything differently, as to the inference of this horrible cartoon.  Rupert Murdoch is a sad example of what is wrong with the United States of America. Here is a man whose sole aim is to provide misinformation to the people who are stupid enough to give him there money. The lies and manipulation of the public, via these privately owned and ever growing “media centers” is becoming a scary proposition and should be noted that the true written word is fighting for it’s very survival.  Like the “NBC Nightly News” with Brian Williams, whose job descriptions now include selling dog food to people (those like Brian need not watch this or listen) to consume via the product SPAM, whose slimy “meat-like” product has now been given at least 5 minutes of air time (it’s a commercial on the broadcast). I wonder how old Brian likes his spam? Fried? Sauteed? Monty Python’s Flying Circus from England did a big thing on spam when the British tried to do the same thing to the British public, after WWII, except with Monty Python, you could not have anything without spam in it, just with less of the gnarly meat like substance on your dinner plate. Thanks Brian!  Wake up America and take back your country from the thieves that are still trying to steal it right from under your Eggo.  The Wall Street Journal is not scripture.  It is careful organization of lies and deceipt that, just because it looks like one of Bernie Madoff’s annual financial review’s, does not make it credible and the advice that may be “shaping” your mind, may in fact be warping it.  The corporate media, periodicals, television, cable, newspapers and much of the web (MSN), provides the masses with the fluff they “need” to get through the day. I will say that again, with just enough humor and tragedy for the morning shows– for a good balance and a solid feeling of doom so that you don’t get to feeling to good about yourself.  No thanks honey, I have enough doom on my breakfast cereal for this morning thank you anyway!…Here’s a suggestion, if you have any hate in your heart, you cannot work for a news station, you cannot write for a newspaper, magazine or even a cheap dime store “novel”.  I am sick and tired of listening to my good friends listen to what they hear on television and believe that Jesus himself must have said it, because it came from some corrupt “ministiry” that takes that persons money, that they got from cashing in their last paycheck at the plant that just closed in Ohio, giving it to a “preacher” of “God” and telling him not to “sin” anymore.  So, you might say that I am a little fired up at what is really going on with all of the hate I hear on the radio, people like Danny Mckeg who is like the little toe of Rush Limbaughuuuuggg (my fiance grew up with that guy and thinks he is an idiot). How morons like “Danny” and “Rush” get on the air is simple, $.  If you have some deep pockets and you have a need to spin lies, you can put anyone on the air to express your viewpoints, your ego.  The more people who buy into your ego, the better your ratings, the higher the pricetag for advertisers to peddle their products on your show.  It is a win-win, but a lose-lose for the hapless listener, who knows no better.  Thank God there are still people like Joe Gargon around, who see the light and lend a helping hand with the heart of a lion.  Peace M

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