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May 2, 2021

Fog Island Cafe

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(click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings and sexy salutations from the sands, suns and serfs of our ‘time’, indeed, ’tis “I” once again, Lord William Montague III, country gentleman, beaming some yet to be released 6G energy your way, on this lovely Sunday, The Second Day of May, 2021, won’t you stay?

For it won’t be long until you won’t have a say…

Indeed sit a spell as I pray, for I have once again successfully hijacked that so called ‘writer’, ‘reporter’, “Holier than Thou” human being? Michael Mosier once again and his dreadful misinformation ‘message in a bottle’ called seacapecod.net, where he exposes all of my dear friends of say, The Club of Rome, or The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where Bill, Melinda, Tony, Bojo, Herr Klaus Schwabby, Nazi, ‘90 proof’ Pelosi, CCP, I mean AOC, and all hired guns, pretty little TV, political puppets, high priests, politicians, poets, bankers, and Lucifer lovers of all stripes galore gather, to plot, to conspire baby!  At say a Bilderberg meeting or said WEF in the stunning Alps, a quaint little Swiss town of Davos, Switzerland face to face, without diapers of course! Yes indeed, it is on these little trips where our best plans for your future are hatched!

W.H.O.’s with me?

After checking on the help’s progress at my estate on that ‘far away island’ of Nantucket, literal Wampanoag translation of said word, yes, after strolling the lush grounds, fertile SEA grass, taking in that wonderful sunshine filled with vitamin D, deep, clean breaths of fresh Mighty Atlantic SEA air, with the many Ancient Cedars, White Pines, Apple, Elms, Birch, Beach, Oak, Ponderosa Pine, Dog Wood, Cherry, Maples, Sugar and Japanese, gratefully all of it adorning my land, you name it we we got it on this property, perfect pitch and perch for the numerous Cardinals, Chickadees, Blue Jays, Gold Finches, just to name a few, and the views of the Atlantic from the third floor, oh my!

Yes, after doing all that, having some brunch at the Fog Island Cafe and then shooting off to ACK, Nantucket’s small, exclusive airport, we are now high above Bermuda on our way back to Switzerland where we plan an emergency meeting of the World Economic Forum to discuss this ‘vaccine’ hesitancy and how we must find a way to blame those UN-vaccinated for these ‘variants’ being spread, not, of course on what the ‘vaccine’ itself is doing to that useless eater’s body.

The JAB, clearly, being the real culprit for those W.H.O. will be getting ill and dying by design due to our, this well planned eugenics depop shot, an experimental mRNA synthetic, highly UN-ethical, untested on humans, all the animals died in previous studies thou, so we got that going for US, “which is nice…” (credit: my friend Bill Murray from the fabulous 1980 National Lampoon film, “Caddyshack”, but I digress…), lethal injection, I mean biological weapon that will allow ‘the patient’s’ own body to do OUR dirty work for US!

How wickedly delightful!

Plus, we have omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent global propaganda, i.e. all the corporate whore press, (save “The Five” on Fox at five, followed up by Brett Bair Report at 6, plus “GUTFELD!” at eleven p.m. eastern, five at five of course!), not to mention we plan plenty a false flag, a coming World War III, massive inflation, white genocide, and of course, a new host of ‘variants’ that we somehow isolated from a virus that never was, hence that pandemic itself, pure fiction that the stupid sheep of this world bought hook, line and sinker!


global dominance is complete.

Resistance is futile!

Seig Heil!

Now, if you will excuse me, I must go and break up a fight between two of our finest actors in this play…,


Tony, “Fast Eddy”, Fauci and Bojo the Clown, as it seems they are fighting over W.H.O. is the more skilled LIAR in our club, moreover, who is more famous and loved, when we all know, it’s Montague baby!


Enjoy your servitude dopes of America, not to mention your bad decision in trusting us, your fatal mistake, your “Fatal Attraction”, yes? Because of your stupidity, cowardice, sloth, ignorance, you bought our great LIE about a virus that never was and cried out in the wilderness for a SOLUTION, never knowing it would be of the FINAL sort…

Pity that.

You tell that big LIE over and over again, eventually, like one of my heroes once said, Hitler I believe it was, and eventually, it becomes ‘the truth’…

So many sheep, so little time, all lining up for the jab, to conclude a mostly pointless life with a steady, sometimes quick, sometimes slow demise…

‘Velcome to zee new Vorld Order peasant!

For you only ‘think’ you live in a free and fair Republic, those days have passed you by my friend, because when the CCP demon rat puppets in DC finally finish looting the till for good, leaving you all to rot, remember the man who gave you this information, and don’t ever say you were not WARNED!

Have a pleasant Sunday folks, please, don’t feed the animals, the unclean, vaccinated zombie masses!

And for the love of God, to quote my dear friend Melinda Gates, some horrible ‘bloggers’ call, with great honor, ‘the malevolent one‘,

“…just get your God Damned Vaccine!!!!”

She’s so wonderfully evil!

Ta Ta!

Bon Chance!

Socially distanced hugs and virtual kisses!


Lord William Montague III

(country gentleman)

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