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January 14, 2021

Focus on Fauci!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the gray, low clouded, cool, calm, cocooned island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on a quiet Thursday morning, The Fourteenth Day of January, 2021, sipping some Sumatra on the Hyannis Harbor, penning this ‘message in a bottle’ from famous Ocean Street in a home where our 35th U.S. President John F. Kennedy set up shop for his successful 1960 presidential bid, a mere football toss to Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port;


“Public Health” is an oxymoron, akin to ‘fair and balanced news’, army intelligence, and ‘fiery, peaceful protests’.

“Focus of Fauci!”

If one hurries–before Nazi like censorship gestapo shows up to shut it down–turn attention to “Bit Chute”, look up the aforementioned title above deck.  Hosted by Sasha Stone’s riveting podcast (truthhunter789), featuring heavy weights in the ‘critically thinking’ world of people W.H.O. do not wish to SEA the human race extinguished, via an mRNA/AI cloud compatible/synthetic pathogen/medical device/Luciferian Hydrogel ‘envelope’, injected into the human body to stimulate all cells to become pathogen manufacturers, transported anywhere in the body/brain via tiny, tiny, microscopic robots that can assemble and disassemble at AI’s will.

It’s not a vaccine, it was never intended to be one, they even admit this, no, this is a war on the human race, via an injected mRNA cell takeover/takedown–paralleled with NWO/CCP takeover of America–of the human genome, destroying all remaining human cells,

creating synthetic/transhuman life of alien descent…

His guests include Judy Mikovits, Robert Kennedy Jr., Rocco Galati and David Martin. These true EXPERTS condemn this CON MAN, dear ‘Father’ “Fast Eddy” Tony Fauci, W.H.O. has been hurting Americans since 1970.

Just ask all the people who suffered during the “HIV”/A.I.D.S. epidemic in the 80’s, they’ll tell you what a lying/ evil/murderous scum bag he is!

“Fast Eddy” Fauci is a doctor like Al Capone was a banker…


The kind, dear Father Fauci has stolen so much money over the decades with the disappearing of vast amounts of ‘research grants to the tune of hundreds of Billions of bucks!, a move that would make even old Al C. blush…

This long con man plays the perfect front man too for BIg Pharma and Billionaire psychopathic killers like Bill and Melinda (the malevolent one!), Gates (Foundation), and Co. (global cabal), another tax exempt 501(c) joke NGO that has been anointed the ‘expert’ on ‘vaccinations’ (high tech virus delivery ‘final solution’ injections/pathogen manufacturing site),

designed. by criminals like dear Father Fauci,

to kill you and yours.


The World at large has been hijacked by an evil cult W.H.O. take their orders from Satan himself.

Do your own research!

I challenge you to watch in full this podcast. Perhaps to save your life and those lives whom you hold so dear and love with all of your human heart.

Don’t put your faith in undeserving/corrupt/criminal ‘”authority”;

EVER question said ‘authority’/”experts“(at making money).

stop AQUIESCING to raw, unopposed tyranny!

We won’t forget the Nuremburg Code, the trials, the hangings and the Geneva Convention, the monsters will be;


Have a nice day~


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