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December 29, 2010

Fly, Angel Fly

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So good, as always, to be with you on this Wednesday morning, the twenty ninth day of December, 2010, and, as I look out my window here on the Cape, I notice something we have not seen in a few days–the sun.  The storm that was the blizzard of 2010 has left the building and left calm seas, clear skies, cold temperatures and plenty of the white stuff on the ground.  We here on the Cape fared better than our friends in say, New Jersey, where they are most likely still feeling the effects of said blizzard and I wish them all luck in pulling their cars out of the snow drifts that were accentuated by the snow plows who buried their cars in a glacier like environment, similar to what I experienced when I moved to Beacon Hill in Boston in the year 1993, March 14th to be specific, when a “no name storm of the century”, now a cliche, slammed Boston with over three feet of snow, then rained a couple of inches, and then froze everything solid, including my Ford Escort Wagon on Charles Street, encasing it in an igloo of sorts, which took a rock hammer to get it out of it’s glacial prison.  Ah, the wonders of winter and travel by mankind.  The epic struggle will continue, as we all know, or rather those who understand that Climate Change is NO JOKE, will know, and if we, as a world community now, do not do something radical about it soon, this last storm of the century will look like a leisurely trip down Aspen mountain on a pair of Olin skis.  The year of 2010 is almost over and with the coming of the new year, comes more of the same nonsense from our political “leaders” who will now be headlined and scrutinized more than they were when they were simply the “party of no”.  No longer can America sit back idly and watch as corporations continue to ship jobs overseas, see record profits, tax breaks for themselves and the one’s who run them, the top one percent, who all claim that tax breaks are the answer, when we all know that a complete overhaul of our tax code, Senate rules, and the unfair advantage that has been built into the “system” for over 50 years now, breaks down and allows for common Americans to have a shot at the “American dream”–which is vanishing, like the glaciers in Glacier National Park, right before our very eyes.  When you have 25 percent of the income generated in this great land going to the top one percent, who have the attitude, many of them anyway, “to hell with the rest of them”, we have a problem Houston! As we have so many or OUR people clamouring to find a job and wondering what will happen next, it is no wonder that the Mr. Potters’ of the world are buying, while the rest of the nation is in panic mode and selling, selling their hopes and dreams down the river, for they feel that no one out there gives a damn, moreover, they feel helpless to do anything about it.  We need education reform, real education reform, in this land if we are to stand up to the multi-national corporations such as bp, who have done nothing for this country save pollute it’s waters and marshes, estuaries and bays, killing wildlife and people’s futures, all in the name of the Almighty dollar, no, if we are to stand up to these ruthless, faceless, nameless sharks (my apologies to real sharks everywhere) then we need some grass roots leaders to stay on it! Not to be a shrinking violet, for the days of assuming the “grown ups” in the room know what they are doing, are OVER!  These so called “grown ups” sold America down the river long ago, in back room deals with OPEC, which had everything to do with the Iraq War, with many other examples that go along with that narrative I could site, but, due to budget cuts, I don’t have the time, just kidding, and when these “grown ups” like our new speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. John, “billy bob”, Boehner, take control of the Legislative branch of our country, we will see them cry out, “we must cut spending” (after borrowing 700 billion dollars from China and the like for the people who need that money the least, the rich) where do you think they will cut?  The states.  The very essence of our democracy, the fifty states that are in dire need of assistance–but none will be forthcoming, for the purse strings are controlled by the puppets who work directly for big business, who could not give a two sh$ts about a) the states themselves and b) the people, especially the poor, the minorities, and the sick, who are the most vulnerable of our peoples, who are just as valuable as any member of the House or Senate, and, in most cases, are probably more honest and caring than say a mouse like Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell, hope you had a nice Christmas Senator!–thus, as these states go bankrupt, as they will most likely now allow them to do (changing the federal law regarding that point), you will see an uprising in this nation, the likes of which you, or I, have never seen before.  So, have a nice Christmas vacation you knuckleheads from the hill and remember, WE will be watching YOU in the upcoming months and WE WILL call you out on your hypocrisy, your INHUMANITY and your IGNORANCE especially when it comes to something as serious as CLIMATE CHANGE!  Have a nice day folks, and remember to tip your waitresses!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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