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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 5, 2010

Flowering Trees

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Greetings and salutations from the sandy shores of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  On this glorious morning here in Osterville, as I just returned from Dowses Beach and witnessed yet another beautiful sunrise, I hope you are doing OK in this rather insane world we “seem” to be living in…  That insanity was given another shot of encouragement yesterday, with issues that are beyond mankind’s ability to respond…  The REACTION, however, was right on cue.  With comedian Rush Limbaugh showing all of the crazies the way, “I think oil belongs in the ocean, it can’t survive that long in the water.  Have you ever lived in the water?  It will break down, oh, uh, excuse me, I have to run out to the pharmacy for some mood altering drugs, made by one of our sponsors, Pfizer Inc.– making mind numbing pharmaceuticals and ruining lives for decades now…”  There it is in a “nutshell”.  The collective egoic mind has taken control of the air waves, the banking industry, our energy policy, debunking climate change, and the complete hijacking of the world’s economy by the global corporate agenda–hell bent on putting 90 percent of Americans under the cruel spell of Wall mart, doomed to live out their lives listening to what they are told, thinking what they are told, doing what they are told and most importantly to the corporate plutocracy–buying what they are told. The insidiousness of the whole thing is astounding and if you step back from it long enough and more importantly, far enough, you can begin to comprehend just how far it has gone.  I go back to the statement I mentioned yesterday, concerning the fact that all of the oil that is “farmed” from our precious coast line is not procured for exclusive use by the United States.  This oil is placed on an international market where it is awarded to the highest bidder…that may be one of our “enemies” who we are currently at war with.  Am I missing something here?  You mean to tell me that we have just created the largest man made ecological disaster in U.S. history and for what?  So that British Petroleum can improve its bottom line and create great wealth for someone who lives in Dubai– all while fisherman in Louisiana starve to death?  The man behind the curtain (the wizard of Oz) has scared the American people for far too long.  It is time to come out from under the shadows and stand up for our country, and ourselves before it goes to the point of no return–like the “tipping point” that is nearing for our planet.  As the temperatures continue to rise, the glaciers continue to melt and our country, our Constitution, and our rich history becomes a mere foot note in the annuls of history as the grand experiment of what man can do without oppression, tyranny and an “all powerful” Oligarchy…  There is still “time” to wake up and smell the proverbial coffee–however, it takes action and a will to do the RIGHT THING!  Have a nice day folks!  Peace~ M

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