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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 30, 2009


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After watching the Sunday news shows, as I punish myself weekly with “This Week with George Stephenopolous” or Bill Moyers “journal” , the repeat is on Sunday, along with “Face the Nation” with David Gregory who is doing a fine job, although no one could replace Tim Russert, God Bless his soul.  Yes, indeed, what can I say?  What can anyone say?  When one looks at the staggering amount of greed that is truly in charge here, or has the illusion that it is, let us take a step back in history and see why this is all happening.  I like what Gary Renard, an outstanding independent author, said this to what is really going on…”The government of the United States has become famous around the world in the last hundred years for propping up any government (look at Pakistan) that will watch out for the best interests not of the local people, but of the American-based or U.S. dominated international corporations.”  Terrorists hate us for their own psychotic reasons, but our country is hated in the Middle East by average people not because we stand for freedom and democracy, but because we don’t stand for freedom and democracy.  The way most of the world’s educated people see us as standing for whatever is best for American money.  Let us be honest, we care about the oil, or at least the previous administration did, to the demise of it’s own people and in this example the Iraqi people.  But let us not pick on just Iraq as an example.  There are many other countries that suffered under the Cheney administration and are still suffering today.  The Bottom line that few realize, few American citizens realize, is that the people at the top–the CEO’s of major international corporations (the real problem) only real function is to find the most efficient way, either at home or on foreign soil, to make as much money as possible, leaving democracy dying on the side of the road.  Most of the people in the world know this, but not the American people, who have been brainwashed by television propaganda for the last half a century into believing that America can only do right.  Since the mid-1970’s, the big corporations, through acquisition, have completely sewn up their editorial control over the news media.  In the meantime, their agenda for the Middle East has been anything but altruistic.  Our country has been a positive force in the world, however, with a hidden agenda.  We all remember the Marshall Plan?  You know the plan to rebuild Europe after WWII.  The plan was designed to promote our capitalist interests just as much as it was, perhaps moreso, than for humanitarian aid.   The greed of the corporations has grown exponentially since then.  There has always been the element of an empire based on money underneath the surface.  Do you recall the United States “acquiring” Hawaii in 1893?   The citizens of the world are not as stupid as our politicians, henchmen and mobsters who run these crooked corporations would like them to be.  They do not have control of mass media around the world–yet.  Most of the world sees us as perfectly willing to steal anything the US government can get, just as “we” stole our vast country from the Indians.  The fact that we pay for oil doesn’t change how the people of other regions perceive you, through the lens of their own unconscious guilt.  When President Eisenhower left office, he warned our nation about the power of what he called a “military-industrial complex”.  While there is nothing new in our Constitution about captialism, America is not a democracy–it is now a moneyocracy.  The banks, their legal loan shark credit card companies, the insurance companies and the multinational corporations seek to ultimately become above the law and own the world.  They own America and its political process, I hate to say, and if something from on high such as a miracle should happen so as  to stop these monsters from owning our water, dictating the kind of genetically engineered foods we eat and telling us what to think, say or do–we may not end up with a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich shall not perish from the earth.  I was saddened by yesterday’s shows, as they began to resemble the players of old–especially Geitner, our Treasury Secretary.  When he speaks of giving back all of the power to the Federal Reserve, an elite circle that is “too big to fail”.  It reminds me of what Geider, Bill Geider, another great author, who spoke of the Fed yesterday on “Face the Nation” said of this same warning.  This old Washington Post old school man of principal summed it up with this simple sentiment–we need a new system, “we need deeper more fundamental change.”  Why are we giving the hen house back to the wolves?  I ask you a simple question, how much more can the American people take?  Peace M

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