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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 30, 2010


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Greetings and salutations from the sandy shores of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  On a foggy morning here in the little village of Osterville, I bid you a fair adieu.  The official start to the summer kicked off yesterday with the Figawi race from Hyannis to Nantucket.  Figawi is an annual pre-summer sailboat race taking all classes of sail from the mainland of Cape Cod and it’s main hub, Hyannis, 30 miles south, southeast to the far away island of Nantucket.  The event sports a “ball” both on Cape and on Island, with fun had by all.  I was able to get this shot, as seen above, from “Faith Hill” here in Osterville at Dowses Beach, while I was busy with my own boat, “Ti amo”, launching her into her home port on East Bay.  Quite a day on the water, as the winds were whipping up white caps from 7 am to 7 pm, with gusts up to 30 knots… The news on the Gulf however, is not so good.  The methods bp was attempting, at depths of 5000 plus feet, to cap the well that has spewed out upwards of 3 Exxon Valdez disasters thus far, with no end in sight–failed.  I am chomping at the bit to hear what the pundits on the Sunday news shows have to say about the matter.  I’m especially anxious to hear arch conservative George Will speak to the relationship big oil has with big government, not Obama’s administration, but the previous administrations…for that is where the criminality of this catastrophe lies.  The people of the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and perhaps Florida will be impacted the hardest, but moreover, have been duped into believing that these mega-corporate entities care anything about the welfare of every aspect of their lives.  It was reported that when President Obama visited the Gulf region two days ago, with images of men in cleanup suits looking busy cleaning the shores of oil deposits, that those same bp goons, as soon as he departed, left the scene of the crime…presumably picking up their paychecks from the screen actors guild, or SAG–for their performance was worth every nickel.  It is another episode from the “Wizard of Oz” and the man behind the curtain, pulling levers, creating smoke that confuses even the mirrors, and leaves the poor people of the Gulf region crying out, “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…”  Take a good look around your environment and imagine some unknown faceless, heartless monster (bp) dumping toxic waste into your backyard–a place you were born, went to school, made friends, were married, had kids, made a career and built a Life.  Imagine that, even if for only a moment, and you may catch a glimpse of what is going on with every living soul in the south land.  If the President of the United States is not going to truly stand up for these people, these precious animals, and the equally precious plant life–who the hell is?  I am so sick and tired of being “nice” when speaking of these monsters called corporations, who have the nerve to promote their evil practices with advertisements on television designed to fool even the most ardent of viewers.  The incestuous relationship between said corporations and the Executive, not to mention the Legislative and the Judicial, is why Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin wrote the divinely inspired document called the Constitution of the United States… “protecting us from enemies, both foreign and domestic.” Who else is going to call out these thugs for who, what and where they are?  Do you really believe that CEO’s like Tony, “the tiger”, Hayward (CEO, bp) have any stake in what they do, from a liability standpoint?  They have no stake and no consequences for their actions–save a very hefty paycheck.  They still go home to a 25 million dollar mansion that is not spoiled by their product, eat seafood that is not poisoned by their product, and raise their kids without the GUILT of their product…  They have rigged the system where the upside is the sky and the downside has a liability that will never see the light of day–only the answers they must give their Creator in the next life.  I’m amused at the thought of Tony Hayward explaining to Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates why he believes that based on the amount of money he had amassed on planet earth, he deserves a spot in Heaven–I’m glad I’m not making that decision…  The reality is this–we have no idea what is really going on down there, because it is being kept secret from the public, per the orders of big oil, and a government that seems to be inseparable from big corporate “mission statements”–i.e., he who has the gold, makes the rules. GODS SPEED TO THE GULF–all the people, pelicans and plant life, therein…  Have a blessed Sunday folks!  Peace~ M

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