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February 26, 2011

February Dusting

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So good to be with you on this Saturday morning, the twenty sixth day of February, 2011, coming to you LIVE from the tiny seaside village of Osterville, a day that dawned with plenty of sunshine and a light dusting of snow that fell overnight after the pummeling weather system that passed through the region yesterday, complete with wicked winds and driving rain, turning, apparently, to snow as a cold front passed on through ushering in colder temperatures and clearing skies.  Did you want to talk about the weather or just make polite chit chat?  More pressing issues are obviously at play on the ‘only day of rest’ for the 24/7 cable news environment we all seem to live with now.  From Charlie Sheen to Moammar Gaddafi, to the venerable, not to mention ‘honorable’, Scott Walker, the good Governor from the great state of Wisconsin, the stories are still out there and deserve at least an honorable mention on this glorious day here on the Cape and Islands.  Tripoli, the capital of Libya, is a ‘no mans land’, as hundreds of expatriates, journalists, tourists, and officials of all stripes were finally safely setting sail… out of that civil war torn country for good, as the now quite insane leader of Libya, Gaddafi, gave one more speech to his ‘people’, another rambling  message and explanation that included hallucinogenic drugs, Al Qaida, and Osama Bin Laden, while he continues the attack on the citizens of that volatile nation, most of whom, have already written him off as a deposed leader in decline, resigning en masse and calling for him to be brought forth on charges of war crimes, hinting that he should be dragged to trial in Holland, Den Hague, putting him in front of an international tribunal that now considers him to be a war criminal.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Wisconsin’s fine governor still has some tricks up his sleeve, such as pulling a midnight vote at the Wisconsin state capitol building early Friday morning, 1 a.m. to be exact, as he, David Koch and the rest of the usual suspects continue their fight to take away the voice of “the American people”, by way of stripping collective bargaining rights for it’s state and local public union workers.  The efforts by the ruling party, the billionaire owners of multi-national corporations, has hit some snags along the way however, as Walker’s real INTENTIONS were exposed earlier this week in that phony phone call to Edward Rooney, I mean, the fake phone call from “David Koch”, via Ian Murphy from buffalobeast.com, to the honorable Governor Scott Walker who spoke to “David” for over twenty minutes telling us everything we need to know about the “man”.  This week end will bring more in the way of protests, peaceful protests, which says a whole lot about the goodness and grace of the people of Wisconsin, more than we can say for it’s ‘honorable’ governor.  Finally today, we have Charlie Sheen, the star of the hit series on CBS, “Two and a half men”, that is off the air at the moment, due to all of the controversy surrounding the actor’s extracurricular activities.  I would say this about that.  Nothing.  If you are not going to help and addict, don’t hurt one, for we live in a rather sick society now, where everything is everyone else’s business, through some kind of strange “entitlement”, created out of a rationalization that because we watch that show, we seem to have given ourselves the ‘right’ to weigh in on the judgement of Mr. Sheen.  TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, E!, and the rest of the tabloid like trash talk shows that make their living off of other people’s suffering is insufferable.  I know I am not alone in my disgust of the whore like media outlets that camp out in front of celebrities homes, hoping against hope, that they will do something ‘wrong’, thus, giving them, and their audience, the red meat they ‘need’ to somehow feel better about themselves.  Get over it and get a Life people!  We have so many problems facing this great nation and the reason the insane intentions of the republican party, better known as REPUBLICORP, do not get the scrutiny they deserve from the ‘American people’ is simple–the very rich individuals who own the airwaves, people like Rupert Murdoch, who owns FOX NEWS and the Wall Street Journal, not to mention those who own the trashy tabloid television shows that expose the pain of addiction in a very public way to victims of it, such as Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen–creates noise and talking points they wish you to buy lock, stock and barrel, brainwashing 101, manufacturing a grand diversion complete with smoke and mirrors, confusing our public and casting a dark cloud on the situation as if to say, “nothing to see here folks, we can’t do anything to fix our crippled country, please go home now and make sure to tune in to FOX and another horrible edition of Bill O’Reilly’s “news” show that is assured to turn you and yours into blithering idiots.” We have become a country of voyeurs, who have the intellectual capacity of a small soap dish, coupled with an attention span of a five year old child.  We have become lazy and lackadaisical, oblivious to anything that takes time and focus to understand, and a complete lack of initiative to do anything good about it.  Whatever that “it” is.  The strategists on the side of the corporations, that are destroying this country, know this, and, as such, respond with more of the same–more carnivals, more fried food, more booze and more commercials, while simultaneously destroying our educational system, our environment, and our fiscal future.  In other words, more of the same, which is the stuff that got us in this mess to begin with–all  starting in the early 80’s with the deregulation of every safety net put in place by great men who have already passed on to a better plane.  Why did this all go down?  Because WE were not paying attention to what really matters, the traits of honesty, hard work and the expectation of reward FOR all of that hard work, not a de-humanizing kick in the pants because you are not the right color or because you don’t live in the right neighborhood.  I pray for celebrities like Charlie and Lindsey, and I condemn the vultures out there who demonize them, because the best way to feel true empathy for another is to put one in their shoes, and for many Americans, whose egos have already made up their mind for them, via a larger an more insidious collective ego, that is impossible, as is seen by the honorable Governor from the great state of Wisconsin, who has already expressed his intentions to “David” Koch, who might as well have been the real David Koch, because the person on the other end of the phone does not matter as much as the words and subsequent deeds that come from the originating receiver of said phone call, and, in this case, it is again, the ‘honorable’ Scott Walker, who does not deserve the title of Governor of the state of Wisconsin.  Have a wonderful day folks and keep on rejecting those wooden nickles, they won’t buy you anything of value, and GOD’S continued SPEED to the heroic Wisconsin 14! Their efforts are YOUR efforts–assuming you don’t own a criminally polluting chemical/oil/natural gas company, hell bent on world domination in the form of profit over people, as it systematically destroys our land, it’s people, the animal kingdom and the beautiful plant life we all enjoy.   PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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