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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 19, 2011

February Dawn

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this late Saturday morning, the nineteenth day of February, 2011, and with the dawning of a new day here in the good ‘ole US of A, what can you really say, as it is ‘a day of rest’ for the cable news networks after a tumultuous week of insanity centered around the chaotic 40,000 soul strong public union standoff in Wisconsin, where 14, the “Wisconsin 14″, I salute you, yes, 14 state senators from that great state of Wisconsin are camped out in some hotel right now, most likely right over the Illinois/Wisconsin border…what a country, huh?  After watching this mini-version of the epic overthrow of a corrupt and brutal dictator of over 30 years in Egypt, hour after agonizing hour, i.e. the union busting disguised as “balancing the budget” in the great state of Wisconsin–after the Wisconsin budget had already been balanced, but was rendered ‘unbalanced’ after the good Governor, Scott Brown, a red meat tea party puppet, elected to office via dirty money created from the UNJUST Citizens United case, thus prompting said puppet to return the favor to, again, said corporations in the way of coincidentally granting tax breaks in the exact amount of monies that were present in the first place as surplus monies–I thought today I would take a break, honoring the sabbath if you will. But then I watched this morning’s DVR recordings of what transpired last night, as Ed Shultz, of The ED SHOW, airing every weeknight, save Friday, at 10 p.m., only on MSNBC, brought the juice and, as Ed would say, “got me all fired up.” Ed was out there in Madison for two nights, airing our shameful national laundry LIVE on the steps of the Capitol building in Madison.  The “thugs” as FOX NEWS calls them, are, in actuality, teachers, social workers, city and country workers, who have been peacefully protesting hand in hand for over 8 days now, protesting along with their family, friends and the students that they teach, help and live with everyday. Looking out onto the crowd I could feel, even over the airwaves, a real sense of community, and after all, is that not what this country is all about to begin with? These are our neighbors, our fellow citizens, our brothers and sisters.  The real INTENTION here, in Madison, spreading to every republican dominated state in the union, is to break unions forever, thus, crippling the democrat party’s final power play to elect it’s leaders–the strength of unions to organize people, to rally them, to collect campaign donations, and ultimately to do the hard door to door campaigning for real candidates that work for the PEOPLE, not the GREED and CORRUPTION that is represented by multi-national corporations that are only about two things–money and power. The middle class is the final hurdle for these monsters and how best break and bankrupt the middle class?  Break their overall ability to organize, organize for fair wages, health care, vacation days, a forty hour work week, clean and safe conditions in which to work, and most of all, the ability to stand up to management and DEMAND that common sense conditions are met, or “management” won’t have labor available to make profit for said company.  Don’t you see folks, this is an all out culture war that will not stop until the elections are unwinnable for democrats who, for the most part, believe in creating a society where we are not constantly at war, where women, and the doctors that treat them, don’t live in fear for their lives as they defend their rights to their own bodies, where little children are not starving because we cut off food banks to save a few nickles so that the top two percent can maintain their BUSH era tax breaks, while the rest of the 98 percent lose their homes, because they can’t buy a job (because they have all been outsourced overseas), where we don’t cut off heating oil to the poor and the elderly, where the environment does not become a barren wasteland filled with 596 poisonous chemicals being dumped into our drinking water sources by monstrous companies like KOCH INDUSTRIES, whose chief operating officers and owners, David and Charles Koch, are actually behind this union busting business, and finally where we live and work with the FACTS of what is really going on globally in our ever warming planetary situation, for satellite images (the polar ice cap melting, along with Greenland, Antarctica, and every glacier on the planet) do not lie, nor do numbers, for when the best credible scientists in the world are telling us that the rapid increases of carbon emissions into our atmosphere, due to the industrial revolution, technology and an ever increasing demand for energy (fossil fuels) on a planet that will grow to 9 billion people by the year 2050, is the only thing to blame for this ever increasing threat that will make World War II look like a walk in the park, we might want to listen–evidence mirrored in the proof of ancient ice that is drilled by those experts, exposing the TRUTH as to what the levels of carbon were in the past and what they are NOW, rapidly, exponentially, going northward, as the twentieth century proceeded and the twenty first century first dawned and continues to proceed, the earth is seeing it’s hottest recorded temperatures EVER, with stronger storms, rising sea levels, disappearing species, drought, and out of control wild fires across the giant land masses en masse, where we finally admit and accept the TRUTH of what we, collectively as a species, are really doing to Mother Earth–yes, if REPUBLICORP succeeds in doing that, first by allowing corporations, both foreign and domestic, to contribute vast, unheard of, “off the charts”, amounts of monies into the coffers of men, and women, who will do their master’s bidding in the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate and hopefully, for the republicans, the United States Presidency, and then, by destroying the only last voice of the true American people, from a campaign contribution standpoint, i.e. the public union system at large, then again, this country has a big problem on it’s hands and if we thought Egypt was something to behold, wait until the “American People” discover the REAL TRUTH about what is really going on.  The simple fact of the matter is–SOMETHING STINKS IN DENMARK, and you need look no further than the Koch brothers and their friends, who meet bi-yearly in Aspen, Colorado or Palm Springs, California, to find the answers to all of our problems in this country–it is all interconnected, “too big to fail”, if you will, as the brainwashing of “the American People” continues for many, sadly…brainwashing brought to you today by, countless corporations, FOX NEWS and the republican “tea” party, better known as REPUBLICORP.  Have a nice day everybody and GOD’S SPEED to the ‘Wisconsin 14′, very brave souls indeed.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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