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November 17, 2020

Father “Fast Eddy” Fauci

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the brilliantly sapphire blue skied, golden sun lit, slightly breeze led, extremely wealthy island of Nantucket! (unless you’re a local!), AHOY! Yes, it’s your favorite ‘conspiracy theorist’ once again, what did Lord William Montague III call this ‘humble’ reporter, ‘dreadful’ ? I believe was the adjective used in the description of said offering of the light, the truth, a by gum, the American way?


It is the 17th day of November, 2020, can you believe it?

No false flags, yet! Unless you consider “CON”VID-1984 (certificate of vaccination ID), a giant LIE, a smokescreen for what the Elite call “The Great Reset, you betcha!  Rather a coup de tat communist takeover of what we once knew as America, but other than that…

Be patient, there’s still plenty of ‘time’ left for your Christmas shopping, looking high and low for that perfect present for your favorite Illuminate scumbag on your endless list, although leave Santa out of it, because when you unscramble the word ‘Santa’, well, ah, what day is this?

Tuesday, and a “Brave New World Order” Tuesday at that, for on this cold, breezy late Fall day–on a lonely little sand bar that has become quite famous, feeling the love from ‘a far’, right back at ‘cha–it harkens ones’ mind back to a late Winter day in March of this year, the 8th to be precise, yes, it seems that was the night when “60 Minutes” (CBS), interviewed this website’s favorite vampires, doctors, mad scientists, epidemiologists, saintly priests of high level, corrupt, patented virus creating monsters of all time, that’s right, give it up for the dear Dr. Father, Anthony, “Fast Eddy” Fauci, a man who needs no introduction in the first place, as he has been installed by the World Controllers as their ever faithful eugenics loving, vaccine killing, virus creating, patented, poster boy of authority regarding the ’science’ of man made (up) “viruses”, of dirty, nasty, euthanizing vaccines… Indeed, of that illusion of a;

“light at the end of the tunnel…”

Even if that light is an oncoming choo choo train heading straight for ya!



“…from way downtown!”

This is what the dear, “most trusted man in America”, taking over the mantle from CIA, I mean CBS operative Walter Cronkite, Father ‘Fast Eddy’ Fauci had to say about these filthy muzzles most are forced to wear in public, in America, star date, Earth year 2020:


Father “Doctor”, Anthony “Fast Eddy” Fauci: “Right now (March 8th, 2020), in the United States, people should not be walking around with masks.”

Interviewer:  “Are you sure, a lot of people are listening to this broadcast…”

Dearest Father Fauci (Bless his little weasel soul?): “There is no reason to be walking around with a mask on, listen in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make some people feel a little better, and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection (like a new bubble boy outfit from The Gap, or the newest Hazmat suits from Polo), that people think it is.

And often, there are unintended consequences (i.e. dangerous oxygen level depletion, breathing in one’s own toxic fumes, mostly carbon dioxide, increasing blood pressure, mold/bacteria colony building, dehumanizing, deoxygenating, isolating, depressing, mental health issues creating, claustrophobia emerging, brain damaging, isolating, anti-socially marooning, etc., please Father Fauci, the only begotten Son of God’s incorporated, international division of Technology of Science, tell US more, please dear Father, we beg you, how can we save ourselves dear Father Fast Eddy? What more consequences could there possibly be dear lad?), they keep fiddling with them and keep touching there face, no, these masks should not be worn by the public and be saved for the health care providers and for people who are ill.”

Daddy, does COVID-19 cause dementia too?

No, but perhaps COVID-21 will! Plus a whole lot more! Let’s ask “Kill” and “Cull”inda (the malevolent one), Gates, Father Fauci’s business partners in crimes against humanity, in the nest episode of Sea Cape Cod!

Have a nice day!


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