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October 21, 2010

Far Away Island

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Thursday morning, a little late, and for that, I am deeply sorry.  I just felt like sleeping in today before I head on over to the great ‘far away island’, as the true native Americans called what the whole world now calls Nantucket.  30 nautically south, southeast of Hyannis Harbor, as seen above, while we watch the “Gray Lady II” steam out into Nantucket Sound, Nantucket has many natural wonders to enjoy along with plenty of world class shopping–so come on down and visit the grand island, and if you really want an ‘out of this world’, and time for that matter, experience, directly out of a Dickens novel, painted in broad brush strokes by Norman Rockwell, Nantucket’s brilliant Christmas stroll, with a ten thousand lights a shinin’, in early December is a must see for anyone with a soft spot in their heart for the way America once looked and felt, even in these troubling times…  The news from the center of the political world in Washington D.C. could be summed up in three words–‘conflict of interest’. When the whole world heard the news of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife receiving 500,000 dollars from a special, secret interest group a few weeks past, it raised a few eyebrows, but when she made the now infamous phone call to Anita Hill, a victim of sexual harassment via Ms. Thomas’ husband, and the subsequent witch hunt in the early 1990’s, asking her to “apologize for what you did to my husband”, 19 years ago, we here at seacapecod.net along with the rest of the sane media world watched as our collective jaws dropped.  Keith Olberman, of “Countdown, with Keith Olberman,” airing every week night at 8 and 11 p.m., EST, only on MSNBC, gave a long list of people who might follow suit, such as George W. Bush, Tony “gone ’sailin” Hayward of bp, and Dick Cheney, who gave, on Keith’s show, their best college effort to get people who had wronged them, such as “Dick’s” hunting buddy whom Keith mused should have apologized once again for getting in the way of Dick’s buckshot, to apologize to their over sized and disgusting egos.  I thought we might add a few to that list.  “Hi, this is David Koch, of the billionaire Koch brothers oil and gas company, bringing you poisonous gas wells, containing 596 chemicals in the “fracking” process, the hydraulic fracturing of shale rock in 37 states right now, that is effectively killing off our population, animal life and plant life, due to the ‘Halliburton Loophole’, whereby the EPA lost it’s regulatory teeth in 2005, thereby allowing these monstrous companies to continue to pollute our rivers and streams, our bays and our Gulfs, our oceans and our land, to the tune of billions upon billions of highly toxic particles being emitted through both the water and the air daily, again, destroying our environment, perhaps forever–all for the sake of the short term profit, and I would like Michael Mosier and the rest of the left wing, socially progressive tree huggers to stop making fun of me and my older brother Charles, who is deeply sensitive, and, moreover, we want an apology for all of the Truths (gleaned from FACTS) you have put out there and if you don’t, after the November 2 elections we may take “second amendment” remedies to ‘fix the situation’.  We also don’t like you making fun of Blackwater, now with the more sensitive name of Xe, “strong enough for a man, but made for a woman”, oh, wait a minute, that doesn’t make any sense, strike that, yes, we want you to stop saying that the world’s largest private security firm is corrupt to the core, violent and lawless, answering to no one, and filled with the lowest common denominators on earth (mercenaries), for they are just regular American folks who walk around this country and indeed the world, thinking they are above the law, oh, um, wait a scosh, I meant to say that they are just regular folks like me or you who just happen to have the highest security clearances and carry semi-automatic weapons, who take in SS Nazi reenactments in Ohio for R&R on occasion… what could be wrong with that?  I also want an apology for the inference that we would ever harm our country’s (the Plutocrats country, via the RTP puppets employed by them) environment for political or monetary gain.  We, here at Koch industries, considered by the IRS to be a ’small business’ making billions of dollars a year and holding secret ‘meetings’ in Aspen, for example, with other plutocrats, um, I mean ’small businesses’ like Bechtel Industries and the Chicago Tribune’, and the occasional Supreme Court Justices such as Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia (criminal conflict of interest?), have nothing to hide, for the US Chamber of Commerce, who we command, um, I mean, is responsible for the actions they take (bribing counties like India to give money to “men” like Karl Rove and “American Crossroads/GPS” who facilitate shady deals to ship jobs overseas) and just because they are receiving hundreds of millions of dollars, that will exceed over 3 billion by the time this election is over, from secret sources that don’t want their identity revealed, does not mean we have anything to hide, nor for that matter is it any of the “Amerian People’s” business, because after all, don’t they have enough to worry about, like digging through a dumpster for lunch?  So, again, we would like you and your kind to stop with the “writing” and stop with the accusations that we are a horrible example of what is WRONG with this country, we are just good ‘ole white boys who don’t like black people, um, I mean, we love black people, we just don’t like them in the White House or anywhere near our gated communities. Thank you and oh, yeah, have a great day!”  Yes, there he is folks, one of the “men behind the curtain” who are the very ones responsible for shipping your job overseas, foreclosing your house via crooked banking rules, taking away a woman’s right to her own body, condemning gay people for who they really ARE, destroying our environment one Gulf at a time while the world melts and the seas rise 20-30 feet above present sea levels, and brainwashing you into feeling “sorry” for them, via the same tactics used by the Cheney administration to convince y’all that we somehow needed to spend upwards of 3 trillion dollars to go to war with a sovereign nation that posed absolutely NO threat to the United States of America, oh, and by the way, the same people who also want you to believe that by adding 4.1 trillion extra dollars to the US debt by extending the BUSH tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, borrowing that money from the same counties that stole your jobs, China and India, we will create jobs in this country, via Ronald Reagan’s ‘trickle down’ theory employed in 1982 that was the beginning of this mess to begin with and created NO jobs and only served to widen the gap between the haves’ and the have nots’…yes, if you would only believe in the grand vision of Plutocracy, all will be right with the world.  Their world maybe.  Please remember that your vote still counts, even if Blackwater is out at your local voting stations, called upon to literally intimidate the minorities in this nation and thus, keeping them home in a state of fear.  Of course, they won’t look like Blackwater, they will be well dressed goons like the as$holes who arrested the editor of the Alaska Dispatch (.com) Tony Hopfinger, who, as many journalist have demanded with authority, “you should SUE those guys!” Have a wonderful day folks!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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