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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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September 29, 2022

“Fall”-in love.

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(click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings and sunny salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the dashing, delightful, dubious, diabolical, demeaning, I mean Dynomite island of Nantucket! Great to be back in the saddle with you and yours on a glorious late Fall Day, The September 29th, 2022, coming atcha’ LIVE on a late Thursday afternoon, taking in the beauty that is Nantucket Sound, had the place to myself, as I prefer…., indeed, like an mRNA pathogen delivery envelope disguised as a friendly cute poison free? Cape Cod Jubail,

Saudi King fish.

Is human flesh on your list?

a Deady, deceiving Jelly MRNA filled killer, wrapped in very expensive Neiman Marcus Lucifer race Hydrogel, that carries it’s poisonous bombs to its unsuspecting victims all while the major football games on the NFL network, SEIG HEI!L Mocker Fucker!, yeah those guys, keep promoting these boosters to the masses as they blame all the heart attacks on everything from raking your lawn, watching TV, or just thinking negatively about the mafia killing the human race, chalk full of graphene oxide, and that ’special sauce’, a Frankenstein, I mean Frankensteen (Please credit:  Cloris Leachman and Gene Wilder from that  0rophetic, profound, classic circa 1974, a one in a century film “Young Frankenstein”… “I suggest you put on a tie!”, , a real icky stew, the Jim Jones of the 21st Century death cult mass suicide would be proud of, if they were here to say something that is….

Conflate that with the killer 5G ‘signals’ and FREQUENCES that will be turning these now questionable human beings into lateral zombies, as the nanobots, tubes, operating systems take hold, replicate on their bloody own and make you no longer you. In fact, you are now OWNED by the likes of Bill Gates, George Soros and Co., new the ‘vaccine’ altered genes you possess in your body, mind and soul, that are no longer your own.

You are well on your way to transhumanism and yet, you yawn and watch some PROGRAMED hor$e$hit on the brainwashing/MK Ultra/lobotomy inducing black mirror you call you best friend, the ‘TV’,

or the dreaded, bloody, CIA 24/7 surveillance smart phone.

A demonic device killed your marriage with all that porn!

The S.M.A.R.T acronym, oh yeah,

It will be your end.

Remember the original film, starring Gregory Peck, “The Exorcist”, circa 1973, a must SEA to real eyes what is about to really transpire in the next little while, for the wicked has been born, the sun of Satan as it were, or is, and said, the advent of ‘the Anti-Chrst, a real man with the power of the DRAGON-Satan and all fallen Angels combined, will reign on Earth for 3.5 years…

Good Times!

Indeed folks, these are the End Times and do not look to Earth and this 3D low frequency/vibration of this ruling, pedophile, blood drinking lizard orgy from the pits of hell, no sir! Stay alert, sober, loving and courageous, looking out for your fellow man and this journey will someday come to an end, your experience here as one’s final ‘destination’…


‘fFore there are worse things than death, like being trapped in a satanic, dark, wicked Matrix called the Metaverse, wherein you will be a slave forever; your only purpose is akin to an Energizer Bunny, i.e., you be a battery fool!

Keep in mind we are merely spirits having a brief, wonderful, sometimes challenging physical, spiritual and amnesiac experience for a very short ‘time’ on this plane of existence, a prison for the mind, body and soul, so make the most of it! Devoid of fear, ignoring the satanic black mirror devices, a bane to this, of this era and mocking it, laughing at it, spitting on it, exposing it, thus killing it!

Like a fucking cock-a-roach-a!

Connect with Mother Nature, listen to beautiful music of her casual reply of the never-ending whispers, whines and winds.

And above all, be true to thine known self.

Love others and be a friend you would like as one...

Play, laugh, love, live, breed, sing, dance, make love, fly a kite, learn to surf, bike, run, but above all love,

Trust your intuition!

Not your institution(s)!

know and respect yourself,

for you are part of God.

KNOW this,

and then everything else will fall into place.,


PS: I hope you have a nice evening, it is gorgeous here in lovely Centerville, where the coyotes cry and the Marsh Hawk does fly!

If anybody didn’t tell you, that they, they, they truly love you today

, I just did!

Again, please, for the love of God,


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