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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 18, 2010

Faith’s Hill

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Just returning from Dowses Beach here in Osterville at 6 a.m. on a rather balmy morning, 32 degrees Fahrenheit with sun expected today, and I wanted to send you some Faith from “Faith Hill”.  Recently I was shocked when watching a program on the “tv” called Nova, a truly bipartisan look at the world we are living in– devoid of opinions, just the facts.  This particular show was called, “Extreme Ice”, and it gave an accurate description of what carbon dioxide is doing to our little blue rock I call earth.  “The ice is melting at an alarming pace”, might have well been the subtitle of this extraordinary vantage point from points of geological interest around the world.  Starting from the North Pole, the vast ice sheet covering the top of the world, we see just how fast (from satellite imagery) the polar ice cap is melting.  From there we visit Antarctica, where a region on the western half of the continent called Larson B, recently broke off from the mainland and disappeared into the sea.  Moving north again, we view the glaciers of Alaska and watch as the glacier called Columbia “calves” part of itself, breaking off a piece of ice three miles wide (the size of Manhatten) and releasing it into the ever hungry ocean.  Finally, moving towards Greenland, we walk out onto the Kansas like plains of ice and snow and observe the giant lakes that have formed on the surface of the country.  More to the point, we watch these massive pools of fresh water vanish into the earth without a trace.  Scientists move in to discover that the water has actually found a path down, as gravity lends a hand at forcing the water through the ice sheet itelf, creating “moulins”, water falls sending vast amounts of H20 down underneath the ice sheet and effectively acting as a lubricant, destablizing the ice sheet even more– accelerating the demise of Greenland as we know it today.  At the rate we are emmitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, these afore mentioned geographic points of interest will be “Our Waterloo”.  I find it very sad that we have a group of men in power in this country that speak of their grandchildren’s fate on one side of their mouth and on the other speak of “clean coal” and expanded off shore drilling.  Clearly these “men” are not in touch with reality.  They live in a parallel universe and are destoying OUR PLANET!  What could be more important right now in human history than to stop global warming?  What?!  Greed and Ego.  A deadly combination.  If John Boehner’s neighbor’s house was on fire, he would bring a 5 gallon jug of gasoline.  Stop the madness!  Have a nice Thursday folks.  Peace~ M

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