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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 28, 2010

Faith Hill’s Steps

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Greetings from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  The sun is out in full force this morning, as the sun did rise once again just a few minutes ago at Dowses Beach here in Osterville.  The temperatures will peak at 50 degrees Fahrenheit today, and as the sun warms the earth’s surface, the flowers and birds that share Cape Cod with us will once again celebrate this thing we call LIFE!  The same cannot be said for our good friends on Wall Street…  Yesterday, the cloture vote to BEGIN the “debate” over whether or not we should adopt real financial reform, or more to the point, reforming the monstrosity that Wall Street has become, fell short by 3 votes.  That’s right, the Senate has once again, (because of the 60 votes needed to pass anything in the United States Senate, even if it means reforming a corrupt system that almost took down the U.S. and world economies) shot down the notion of starting the actual open air debate over this issue because the Republicans’ bosses on Wall Street told them to do so…  Why are we so afraid to tell it like it is? Washington D.C. has become so entwined with the casino’s of Wall Street (giving the word “casino” a bad name) that they cannot see the forest for the trees.  Blind greed has taken hold of our most precious of commodities in this nation–the right to be heard.  Not drowned out by the white noise of propaganda machines like Fox News.  The complexity of the system and the powerful forces that protect it, have made it virtually impossible to correct an obviously hijacked way of doing business in the United States of America.  The strategists who work for said international corporate interests, the P.O.N. themselves, and the dark visionaries who wield the power at the moment, will throw as much mud into the clear water as possible.  They will be “banking” on the common man’s rather limited and sometimes ignorant views of the whole, (only parts being revealed with specific false talking points aired 24/7 across this great land) and thus, feel that they have the upper hand in this epic battle between what is RIGHT and what is wrong.  I was impressed with Senator Levin yesterday, as he asked penetrating questions to executive members of Goldman Sachs who were being grilled by the Senate ethics committee.  When he asked about the “big short” (the fraudulent actions taken by Goldman during the housing crisis, where they “bet” on the housing market going south, first losing money in 2008, roughly 1.2 billion dollars, and then making it up handsomely to the tune of 8 billion dollars, as planned, when the insurance policies paid off on those doomed mortgage backed securities that failed right on cue) and an email that was discovered describing the “Timber Wolf” deal as, and I quote, “a sh_tty deal”…, all the Senator got was a smug look you might get from a kid who just stole some candy from a convenience store seeming to say, “prove it”…  Wolves in the hen house should not call their fraud by the same name.  Double speak, denial, and diabolical are the phrases and words that describe these most vile men of “commerce”.  Lloyd Blankfein (CEO-Goldman Sachs) is a criminal whose main intent is to gain as much as he can from the system and give nothing back to society at large, all while his “leadership” in this way of life is emulated by his subordinates and competitors alike–the true fraudulent Wall Street business model. These are the men we are protecting?  It is clear that the system is wired and needs to be completely torn down and rebuilt, right down to the custodians who empty the trash.  On second thought, keep the custodians and just take out the trash.  Have a wonderful Wednesday everybody and pray for a Miracle, for the poor in this country are counting on the good in all of us to come shining through…that is the first step.  Peace~ M

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