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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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November 25, 2009

Faith Hill

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Rose earlier than usual this morning, sipping on some coffee down at Dowses Beach, and watched the fog roll in from Nantucket Sound…foggy.  On this day before Thanksgiving, I hope you remember three names–Blanche Lincoln (D, AK), Ben Nelson (D, NE) and Joe Lieberman (D, CT).  These three “democrats” are positioned, in their “minds”, to effectively take this nation’s only chance of giving the American public true health care reform.  A statement made by Blanche Lincoln regarding the recent free health clinic in Arkansas, the state she represents and in dyer need of care for it’s citizens, went something like this– “while the event (that Keith Olberman of MSNBC put together) was a blessing, these kind of health fairs are unsustainable in our state…”  She hit the nail right on the head.  The current system of health care delivery in the United States of America is broken, corrupt and inexcusable.  Millions of our brothers and sisters are suffering, while the big insurance companies, in their shark like lust for money, get richer and richer.  The strategists and lobbyists who have orchestrated “tea parties” and the like, designed to fool the average citizen in this country, have largely succeeded in destroying first the idea of a single payer system, (one that every other advanced country in the world already has), then the “public option”, designed to offer REAL competition to the monopoly known as the insurance cartel.  This affects us all.  What is the cost of not passing a real health care reform bill?  Skyrocketing insurance costs, an unchecked industry that calls the shots in Washington D.C. thus, keeping the status quo in place–thereby effectively keeping out of the loop millions of folks who need the basic care of a primary care physician in order to prevent illnesses and promote a healthy lifestyle.  Is it fair to say that these people truly believe that the poor do not deserve to be as well as they?  I wonder what Jesus would say.  If you get the opportunity today, say a prayer for these “elected officials”, asking only that they SEE the folly of their warped perspective and the hypocrisy therein.  Have a nice Wednesday.  Peace~ M

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