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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 5, 2016


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the rain soaked, windy, rain soaked, windy, the rain soaked, windy, preferably grey island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this gloomy Thursday afternoon, The Fifth Day of May, 2016.  Judging from this ’snapshot’ above deck, it seems a cold front has pushed through and Spring has been put on hold all week.  So wait a few days before showing up on this glorious sand bar created by the “Last Great Ice Age”, lo, an age that may, or may not, be on it’s way back?

Who Knows! However, one current psychological trauma is occurring presently; many in the ‘established’ Republican party (U.S.), are scratching their collective heads ’bout right now, for they got a loose cannon with an “R” next to his name heading on into  an “election?” between two rivals? That’s right, it looks like Hillary Clinton, barring a Miracle (as natural as breathing…), will wrap up the Democrat side of the same illuminate coin, who it looks like may beat out the very, very great Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who is putting up a much better fight than the bought and sold aforementioned media is reporting on.  A business whose official line is taken directly from our friends at Reuters. Yes, against all odds, it appears that none other than Billionaire real estate tycoon Donald Trump will actually become that party’s nominee, already is; a man who may, or may not, be in bed with what we already know to be the real agenda of the men behind the curtain who really run this nation and the world at large…

Good Luck to an American original, Mr. “The Donald” Trump though, it was one hell of a fight and with the right people and “management” in this next leg of the race, you might just pull it off!

No haaaard feelings either! For you have to admit that this is a very, very funny U.S. presidential campaign and as it painfully continues, chalk full of all that miserable television coverage that makes one weep for the future, making a mockery of this once great nation, keep giving ‘em hell!  Because that’s what’s coming!  Take, for example, ABC’s slogan, ‘your voice, your vote’ . That piece of fiction has to be up there as one of the saddest, most tragically ironic statements ever made by a group of people who call themselves a corporation.  A once proud country with much less secrecy and ‘compartmentalization’. One that may have only existed on paper to begin with, save some pesky “rights” that are going to done away with soon.  Indeed, may you keep ‘calling it in’ to all of those fabulous, super shiny, superficial, stupid, mind numbing, dumbing down fill up stations.  Keeping the ever growing working poor, poorer, sicker, radiated, fluoridated, and hopelessly obese via the poisoned food and water they are ingesting.  Most drunk/drugged/malnourished/under educated/UN-informed; the huddled masses.  Mostly all now blind, deaf and dumb to what is really going on. ABC, or NBC,  MSNBC, or FOX, RT or CNN?  Not those guys, they are straight up straight!  Sky News, BBC, ITV, Al Jazeera, lo, all the slimy propaganda/brainwashing/MK Ultra ‘news’ stations that grant you so much air time are to be congratulated, truly, really, the whole show is, in a word, fabulous! Like the King Elvis once said, “…I like your style, always have, always will.”

Have a good day ALL!


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