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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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October 21, 2020

EZ Bake Oven!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy, salty, soggy, boggy, soppy island of Nantucket! Good to be with you on a fogged in Hyannis, this Wednesday, The Twenty-First Day of October, 2020, a good day to be a duck and catch up on all that excrement oozing out of Los Gatos, California, diving on in to what the kids call “Netflix”, a twisted ’streaming’ service soon blasting at 5G millimeter/microwaved speed, messing with your oxygen molecules making it more difficult to breath, especially with that mask you insist on wearing in every room in your house, including the shower…


With the nation’s attention fixated on the U.S. presidential race, Agenda 21 is ramping up it’s master plan as these words are written and sent out into cyberspace for all the world to read, moreover, comprehend. Indeed, come November, this nation will not only be facing major unrest, planned, but the dreaded, again, planned, ‘second wave’, wherein, more stringent lockdowns will take place.  At the same time, a miracle vaccine will arrive, and although not mandatory, yet, if taken, and tracked, the patient, I mean “citizen” will receive some sort of photo ID “health” passport, just like the one they have recently introduced in Ireland, and thus, you will  be “free” to move about as you will, unlike the poor shmuck who decided to be a hero and stand up for his/her rights…

Oh say it ain’t so Father “Fast Eddy” Fauci, say it ain’t so! Dear Father “Fast Eddy” Fauci, throwing those fake science fast balls by you to make you look like a fool, oh, dear ‘Fast Eddy’ Fauci, Father of infectious man made diseases, patented and profited for your pleasure, oh dear Father, God Bless ya lad.  God Bless ya and your filthy business partner in crime “Kill” and “Cullinda” (the malevolent one…), Gates, oh nelly, that foundation you got going on there is special, not only in its brilliant, yet evil intent, but in it’s complete and utter totalitarian dominance over mankind; in a word,


This passport will entice those ’skeptical conspiracy theory nut jobs’ to do the same.  By December of this year, 2020, America will look a lot more like Melbourne, Australia than it does today.  This all happening under the watchful, all seeing EYE of the Rockefeller’s UN, the “Kill” Gates W.H.O., and the Cabal at large, if you please, who plan on introducing yet another ‘virus’ come first quarter of 2021, this one much more lethal than “COVID-19″, conveniently called “COVID-21″, for the year it ‘arrived’ on scene.

Let’s SEA how 5G fits into the puzzle;

shall we?

A draconian, no mercy military police state will shortly ensue, with strict global, national, local travel restrictions in place, where virtually no travel is allowed at all.  ‘Sectors’, akin to the film “The Hunger Games”, circa 2012, will be installed to keep ‘tribes’ apart, squashing any notion of nationalism, patriotism or rebellion of any kind.  FEMA death camps will become fully operational, the future home to those who do not bend to the will of the Elite.  The dollar will be crushed in this ‘Great Reset’ (the reason for ‘CON’ VID-19(84) to begin with, a brilliant smoke screen to kill the global economy and crush the human spirit), and usher in a new world currency in digital form.  A mark (of the beast?), an RFID microchip in the right hand or forehead will provide the technology necessary to track and control all humans on the planet.  A universal basic income will be given to those who obey and acquiesce to the powers that be presently. All property owners will be convinced to relinquish said home/land/business/, in return for complete debt forgiveness of all credit cards, loans, mortgages, etcetera, forcing people from land or rural areas (SEA ‘Wildlands Project’), and into mega cities, wired and radiated with a primordial soupy haze of 5G dirty energy, that slowly cooks it’s victims as if in a 1950’s;


Sound good?

By all means vote come November, because after all, this is America right?

“This isn’t Russia Danny, is this Russia?”

(credit: Chevy Chase in the brilliant comedy “Caddyshack”, circa 1980)

Not yet Comrade, not yet!

“When insanity becomes normal, freedom becomes history.”

~David Icke

Have a nice day ya’ll!


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