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February 1, 2019

Everything’s coming up roses!

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Greetings and high salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun lit, blue skied, cold, cautious, seven Karat island of Nantucket! ‘Tis very good to be with you and yours on this glorious First Day of February, 2019, a happy Friday on the eve of the eve of Super Bowl LIII;


It is good to be alive. Normally, on this watery essay some call a ‘blog’, I tend not to talk about myself personally.  However, via this over the top, American, uniquely American, sporting celebration every year, I am breaking my silence.  I give you the corporate poster boy, the NFL, and the glory of the event, as 30 second Ads go for 5-5.5 million a Pop Tart baby!  “The Super Bowl” hosts its last game of the season; it’s crescendo, it’s peak, it’s destiny!  Lo, for the past fifty-three years, has been the aforementioned ‘bowl’, super, per it’s title, yes, via all of that information, data, I am coming out from “behind the curtain” to share a fabulous anecdote, yes sir!

Ready, set,


(cue the symphonic orchestra, plus some “Guns and Roses”, plenty of ‘dat stratecastor, Martin, a bass and the whole Blues Brother’s Band, and review, especially ‘the horn section’)

I always remember what ‘bowl’ it is, as it coincides with my age of 29.  So, it’s like virtual reality acid trip every year, an interesting flash back akin to New Year’s Eve after consuming a keg of Molson Golden, complimented by plenty of Yeager shots, sorry about that;

“…we haven’t had that spirit since 1969.”

(credit: U.S. rock band “The Eagles”, from Los Angeles; lyric from “Hotel California”…)

A non escape event here in the United States of America, where one recalls, whether he likes it or not, where one was, at each and every one,

moreover, where one was in his life.

With a home,

or without one.

I must say it’s been an interesting trip.

17 years ago, in that fine year of 2002, I was in Lafayette, Colorado, my home state, watching Super Bowl XXXVI, 36,  with my now ex-girlfriend, who is not one of my big ‘fans’…  Being a giant Patriots fan since is was a child, I went into delirium.   When young Michigan quarterback, back up to great Drew Bledsoe, Tom Brady, led his New England Patriot club, a battered team, down the field just close enough to set up a long Adam Vinatieri field goal to win the game, defeating the St. Louis Rams, I have never been happier.

A super win indeed…

So, at that tender age of 17, we rolled back to our home in Denver and this cowboy slept like a baby…

Here’s hoping for a repeat in 2019;

Go Patriots!


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