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December 15, 2014

“Everyday People…”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, seasonal and slum free island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this gorgeous Monday morning, with that bright light in the sky blazing full on the lovely Hyannis Harbor, ‘and as you can SEA above matey, ’tis going to be fair sailin’ day; what with the good ship lollypop continuing on down the credit swap road to bust the road we (the United States/World Economies) were all on before…, but don’t ye worry thine little head about it ‘at ‘tal, for the streets of Wall never lie, nor do they sleep, knowing very little of the spirit of Christmas that all men secretly seek, ever fearing the ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present or Christmas Future…

The U.S. Senate did pass that bill, “Cromnibus”, a 1.1 Trillion dollar spending bill that keeps the lights on ’till next Christmas basically, what they call an appropriations bill with a whole lot of gravy on board for big banks, big campaign donors and I suppose those THC types who live, work, play? in D.C., shooting down another right the ‘citizens’ of that district apparently are not afforded like other citizens who have the right to VOTE and have their collective WILLS acted upon accordingly.

This reflects the new normal when the word ‘compromise’ is used.  Things are so far out of whack that when the ‘means’ justify the ‘ends’ (see torture/Dick Cheney/Iraq war/black site prisons/more torture/lying to Congress/lying to American people/The Hague, The Netherlands), and almost fifty percent of ‘the American people’ buy into that horrible reality of what happened in our name during those lovely Bush years, yes, a true testament to the power of a Fox (no offense to real foxes living right here on Cape).  If those same American people were actually privy to the vile details of the 6.3 million document, 6000 page report on “EIT’s” or ‘enhanced interrogation techniques, created in a span of five years, yes, if they actually looked into that I imagine they would come to a much different conclusion than they do on FOX “news”.

There is the age old question now circulating among people who have half a brain, yes, questioning WHY was Dick Cheney, a former U.S. Vice President and current war criminal, on the “Meet the Press”, just this past Sunday?  “Meet” the press, only on NBC–please stop with the dog stories already Brian, how ’bout some more stories on how SPAM is not only a healthy meal, but is just delicious?  Just kidding, Merry Christmas to you and to all at NBC–I mean come on!  This guy has been old news for how long?  I just did the math, yeah, it’s six years plus, ago, hello!  “…I’d do again in a minute”, snarled the former VP and I am sure he means what he says.

Good Luck with that one up at the Pearly Gates my man! REPENT? Never!

Last but not least, I would like to point out that “every day people” (311 million STRONG!) is WHY we have a democracy called ‘the United States of America’ (with a little letter ‘d’), and if we, collectively, don’t want that any more, than why not just come out and say so.  The 120 or so cities that protested this past Saturday and Sunday the untimely and some would say criminal/homicidal ending of the lives of 12 year old Tamir Rice, 18 year old Michael Brown, and 43 year old Eric Garner–eulogized with so many more–all beginning with Trayvon Martin only a few years back, were all duly noted by the national media.  As in really no coverage whatsoever.

In fact, it only received a few seconds on ABC, a mere ‘well, more protests again in…’, but NBC actually adding some value by adding three real voices (perspectives) to the problem of policing and black youth in this 21st Century America.  There are so many socioeconomic factors that must be addressed before any solution is found, but none so much as the central question of “do we want a democracy anymore?”. If we don’t, I’m looking at you creators of this ‘fake grass roots party!’   You know who you are!

The ‘men behind the curtain’…

Or should we just throw in the towel and let the winning plutocrat of the decade rule our lives, taking all the good from this country, while giving nothing back.  Lo, destroying it’s natural wonder one fracking well head at a time.  Profiting the         few.

Leaving the rest of US twisting in the ever growing (in power, scope, intensity and speed) WINDS! That is what pirates do sir!  It’s called high stakes/high brow LOOTING!  PLUNDERING?  PROFIT over people?  All of the above!

The country is rigged, evidenced by that aforementioned vote in Congress over the week end, a vote written and manipulated into LAW by the big banks–CITIgroup and JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America. I don’t blame President Obama, he knew this was the best chance to get a deal before the blood thirsty Ted Cruz’s get into power come January.  Again, Merry Christmas Mr. President!

There are no more heroes in Washington anymore.  Save one perhaps.  We shall SEA.  Have a great day everybody, remembering those ‘everyday people’ when you are out and about this busy holiday season.  Perhaps throwing a buck or TWO into a homeless person’s hat.  You would be heartbroken if you really KNEW what they may have gone through to get to that lowly point.  BE safe, be well and be good, for goodness sakes!


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