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April 5, 2011

Evacuation Route

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this very wild and windy day here on little old Cape Cod, Osterville to be precise.  As the picture above you might seem to indicate, as it met with the TRUTH on the ground here on this little sand bar created 11,500 years ago, the leaves on the trees have yet to emerge, for on the Cape and the Islands, spring arrives a little later than the rest of Massachusetts, with water temperatures acting as a natural air conditioning that allow for the autumns in this region to last a little bit longer, creating a longer summer season in this most pristine and beautiful place on planet earth–so come on down and visit us this summer, ‘we’ll leave the LIGHT on for ya!’.  I also placed that image taken on route 6 just outside of Dennis for a reason, WE, the real American people, need an evacuation route out of the insanity proposed by the “man behind the curtain”, the pullers of the levers and strings, the multinational top one tenth of one percent in this country that have hijacked the concept of a true democracy right out from under the nose of “the American People.” An “ideology of convenience” to be sure, as one guest on the Rachel Maddow show put it yesterday, which is defined as, small government for Wall Street, the polluter multinationals of big oil, big coal, big ‘natural gas’ (go frack yourself brother’s KOCH!) and ‘really, really BIG government’ (credit TRMS) for everyone else, namely the 99.9 percent of the “American People”, a phrase, if you listen, you will hear ad nauseum from the puppet show on the right.  The 64,000 dollar question is this–will there be democratic (Of the people, By the people and FOR the people) backlash to this highly transparent (to anyone who has been paying attention to the devil in the details in beltway media, real beltway media, and/or politics this year, well, really the past three decades for that matter) social agenda created out of whole cloth by the large donors to political campaigns in not only national elections, but in governor’s races, congressional races, district court judge races, and, in some cases, even local dog catcher races?  Donors who pull the strings of this made up ‘tea party’, or ‘tea baggers’, if you prefer a term that Bill Maher (of HBO’s hit series, ‘Real Time, with Bill Maher’) likes to use to describe this ravenous group of hillbillies. Created, again, out of that same whole cloth designed to control the masses–everything from controlling women’s uterus’s, to our pocket books, to our food choices, to worker’s right to collectively bargain for not only fair wages and safe working conditions, but to have a structure to make their COLLECTIVE voices heard– severely constraining their ability to elect leaders who are fair and BALANCED, who have the concerns of the PEOPLE in mind, not the corporations that are destroying not only this country, but, indeed, the world at large.  These donors are literally stealing this country out from right beneath our feet–poisoning our environment with 596 chemicals in the ‘fracking’ process of attaining ‘natural gas’ alone, taking away a GOD given right to clean drinking water and safe air to breathe, not to mention putting up more dangerous deep water oil drilling rigs with the same faulty equipment, proven by an independent Norwegian firm recently, regarding the culprit to the Deep Water Horizon disaster, the blowout preventer, and ‘it’ failing miserably, killing eleven men on board and causing the single greatest oil spill in perhaps the world’s history.  The faulty equipment known as this ‘blowout preventer’, proven to work 0 percent of the time if the oil pressure gets too high, has been proven to fail, time and time again, when that is precisely when it needs to work the most.  Oil that is being drilled for, come hell or high water, in over 7000 feet now, as opposed to 5000 feet, under the claim that it is for domestic consumption and under the guise and out right LIE that ‘we need to wean ourselves off of ‘foreign oil”–what a crock of $hit.  Anyone who has a second grade education, and I know that is a big stretch for some of these ‘tea party’ nincompoops, KNOWS that because we live in a sick and seditious, not too mention sociopathic and maniacally greedy, world of ‘global corporate commerce’, none of this oil that is being drilled in the Gulf or ANWR, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, is being used here on Cape Cod, or wherever this message may be reaching you today, no, this oil is not being ’stored for a rainy day’ for domestic consumption later, no, this oil, like all commodities today, is put on the international market, an open market for communist countries like China or moderately socialist countries like Sweden.  It matters not what their politics are, so don’t give me any of that jingoistic bull$hit, and don’t pretend to care about our children or our grandchildren, for you, in the republican party, know full well, what you are allowing these corporate raiders to do, as they continue poisoning the earth one oil rig at a time, allowing for the continuation of carbon dioxide to heat up the planet, ‘profit over PEOPLE’, to the point where it can no longer sustain life.  That, my dear republican friends, is exactly what is literally taking away those younger generations’ futures.  How can you sit there and make such a bold face LIE to the American people?  How can you square that with your maker?  A maker you claim to KNOW so much about?  No, this oil is sold off to the highest bidder in those open global greedy markets filled with oil speculators on Wall Street who make billions in profits, while the rest of this great nation twists in the wind. Shame on you REPUBLICORP! You may want to check out your copy of the “Book of Revelation” sometime, you may just see your picture in there.  This is what is known as an “ideology of convenience”, where the hypocritical puppets like Paul Ryan, congressman of Wisconsin, and “young gun”, what a JOKE, dance the dance their master puppeteers wish them to dance–creating what their masters wish for in the end, a PLUTOCRACY, or ‘rule by the wealthy’, an oligarchy–shredding the Constitution, spitting on our history and dishonoring the sacrifices of not only our FOREFATHERS, but the men and women in uniform who died defending that sacred Constitution of the United States of America and all of the freedoms, liberties and rights to ‘pursue happiness’ (Thomas Jefferson) that that document affords, all while building slave ship of worker Indians who will finally succumb to working for pennies a day.  May GOD continue to be with the good people of Japan, and may that sun rise for them once again! Have a wonderful day folks and remember to shun those wooden nickles coming from the poisonous airwaves of FOX NEWS and the like!    PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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