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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 11, 2009


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Energy is an interesting phenomenon. Some might say this is scarce on planet Earth. I am always fascinated by the interest shown by the big oil companies, as Madison Avenue helps the poor, uneducated citizens of the world learn how to “get by with less”, as the CEO’s of these mega-corporations “get by with more”. With the static energy of the airwaves confusing the public about what is really going on, the whole system, intertwined with one another in an elaborate pyramid scheme to rip off John Q public of his or her hard earned dime, is widening the  gap between what is true and what is false.  If you doubt the validity of this statement, listen to the words of reason, the corporation is like a shark. It needs to feed and move in order to generate enough energy to continue doing the same mindless activity, thus creating a pattern that repeats itself until a crisis occurs and the “handlers” of such shark, who are part of the problem, feed it more of what it is hungry for, irregardless of human costs, not to mention the false jingoism being promoted by the same false prophets who are paid millions to spread fear and hate, keeping the people in the dark. How can consumerism as we know it continue unabated, as we ask from our neighboring nations monies in order to buy the things we don’t NEED, brainwashed into “thinking” we do, via Madison Avenue, in order to prop up a corrupt system based (that benefits the few) on an outdated economic philosophy–profit at all costs? Corporate America, like the oil company commercials you have all seen on television, wants you to live in fear and feel somewhat comforted by a false sense of security that “they” are on the job, working hard at finding new sources of energy for you–the consumer. They trick, so that most believe that they have their best interests in mind–they don’t. The energy we need in this country and around the world is one that lies in the TRUTH. When was the last time you heard anything on the corporate television commercial called the “NBC Nightly News”, concerning the fact that the polar ice caps are melting at such an alarming rate?  That some very respected scientists who are ONLY concerned with exposing the truth, state that they will be melted within 5 years? Is that not news? Cart in front of the horse. It is not too late. The horse starts with you and me, for we are the horse, the eternal energy within. No corporate will can go against the Will of God and His Creations. Be at Peace with that. Have a great Thursday.           Peace M

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