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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 5, 2016

E.L.F.’s at play!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, threatening, misty, foggy, forgotten island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Sunday morning, The Fifth Day of June, 2016, broadcasting LIVE once again ‘down on the docks’ of historic Hyannis Harbor, where there truly is a boat load of fun to be had by all.  So come on down and pay US a visit, we will, as always, leave that Light on for ya!

The battle for the human mind, body and soul continues on in full earnest sadly at this late hour in the late year of 2016…  Said Thomas Sheridan, author of “The Anvil of the Psyche”, regarding Agenda 21 if you please,

“…this non-material aspect of our personal identity (consciousness), is a double-edged sword.  It has the potential to either create through personal intention, or, to be manipulated to create what an exterior influence requires of our intention.”

Just in for any up and coming plutocrat who wishes to get in good with the ultimate ‘man behind the curtain’, “TV” is becoming the one and only, ultimate, and all encompassing weapon to sway, control and guide the unclean, dirty, filthy, and unnecessary masses; now more than ever…  If used correctly, and it is, can and will be the catalyst of ultimate mind control over what people think. Top five methods normally used for this nefarious purpose are listed below in a five power point presentation, all done for your referencing pleasure..

Good Luck!; we’re all counting on you.”

(credit the late, great Leslie Nielsen in the classic 1980 film, “Airplane!”)…

1.  Buy out the major news providers (AFP, AP, Reuters?), as well as the cable news channels.


2.  Only publish news stories that further your socio(pathic)-political agenda(s)…


3.  Encourage heated debate within specified ideological and political limits that do not threaten your agenda or that of the status quo.

double check…

4.  Focus on traumatic events to keep population afraid and traumatized…

check, check, check!

5.  Describe anyone who releases information from outside this system as radical and/or a conspiracy theorist.

…waiter, we’re ready for that check now…, for the Love of God!!!

“You’re not one of them agitators are ya?  I like to know what my boys are up to.  I won’t stand for them agitators, I just won’t.”

(credit: “The Graduate”, circa 1967)

Take care ALL!


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