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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 4, 2010

Easter Joy

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Greetings from Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.  At 6 a.m. the fog is thick at Dowses Beach in Osterville, after a beautiful day yesterday, with abundant sunshine and calm winds… On this day, of course, Jesus rose from the dead and thus, became a symbol of Love itself.  How can that be true?  The answer lies within us all.  Look around you today, see the loneliness in each other’s eyes and turn it around.  It does not take money, fame or power to change some one’s life for even a moment–for a moment is all we really have.  The news programs, the Sunday political shows, real life hollywood reality progams for adults, will take place in Washington D.C. in about two and a half hours from now, and we will once again be exposed to all of the troubles this country is in, not to mention the rest of the world.  We will hear, but will we truly listen?  The dug in trenches that we have collectively put ourselves in, be it on the right or on the left, only deepen the divide that is standing so ominously in front of us.  And for what?  To settle a score?  To promote policies that are “good” for short term profits, neglecting the long term bigger picture?  It seems to me that the media has begun feeding on itself, always looking for the conflict and ignoring any solutions that might be uncovered by truly listening to the other “side”…  This is the duality of man.  Right and wrong all bundled up in the mind of the beholder.  The ever present voices of “reason”, presented in a shiny studio on the island of Manhatten, steer the general public towards one of those dug in positions–gospel like polarities defended by threats of violence in the form of a shotgun.  The Gospels of Jesus himself, written down 2000 plus years ago by the Apostles of the man who became one with spirit, state the whole reason why he laid down his life to begin with…  God loved man so much that he gave his only begotten son to wipe away our sin. This is why the world celebrates Easter.  For by conquering death, he gave us all eternal life.  Even if you don’t believe in this central figure in world history, there are many lessons to learn from his teachings.  By learning the truth behind the words, one gains a foothold on humility, grace, and above all the true meaning of LOVE.  When one begins to love oneself and then, love his brothers and sisters as himself, the world changes completely.  No longer is it a random cold place, filled with misery and death.  He came as a light to this world of darkness. Light will always conquer darkness, be it in whatever form you wish to define.  When you come to realize that the people on “t.v.” are only human and have no authority over anything, you may come to believe in an invisible force that goes beyond our five senses.  Saint Paul, one of the early writing architects of modern day Christianity, said it best, “It is not I who works, but the spirit of God who works through me.”  Die to self, the ego, and ask for guidance from eternal grace, and you shall be answered.  God Bless you all on this Easter morning and may the true word of Jesus shine through the fog of your life forever.  Peace~ M

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