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April 22, 2014

Earth’s Day

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the clear, cool, star lit island of Nantucket!  Oh Earth, may you breathe a bit today, perchance to heal, I pray thee… For yes. it is that time of year again, EARTH DAY 2014, the 22nd day of April of that same year and for most, it is just another Tuesday evening with a flickering thought perhaps of this planet that we all share and most certainly take for granted.  Most of the time, we use it as a open sewer, while we all collectively allow giant monstrosities called global corporate interests to run rough shod over an extremely fragile, interconnected and beautiful planet the human experience enjoys for only a brief instant; hopefully taking enough time to stop and literally smell the roses.  Have you ever looked out at the ocean without thought of past or future?  Losing oneself in that wilderness is the ticket to striking the natural balance one needs to stay in top condition–mentally, spiritually and physically.  When that occurs, the natural states of joy, love, enthusiasm, and general contentment culminate in that ultimate goal of happiness, something this nation, the U.S., obsesses and prides itself upon. One of our Founding Father’s Thomas Jefferson put that memorable quote in writing so many moons ago, a pursuit well worth undertaking.  Where else can that happen but in an environment that is not spoiled beyond repair?

Take our rivers, our creeks, our streams, our bays, our estuaries, our marshes, our rainforests, our ponds, our lakes, our fiords, our seas, our oceans, dear friends, take a good look at those oceans right now, all of our bodies of water.  For if something is not done about the constant pollution problems inherit within the activities of the beyond international law, the oil, gas and coal companies, something radical to curb their appetite for more and more and more, those aforementioned bodies will be in dyer peril, perhaps fatally.  It will be at that moment mankind will realize that LIFE cannot ‘live’ without water.  Water will, in the not too distant future, be worth more than gold. There is no doubt in my mind, or any real credible, not bought, scientists’ mind, that the earth cannot take much more of the constant barrage of carbon thrown up into the atmosphere without catastrophic consequences sooner rather than later.  What FOX “News” won’t tell you is that (the time for trying to convince these idiots of anything is OVER!) even if the most modest melting figures are correct, the seas will rise by four feet by 2100.  But the earth’s ice caps and glaciers combined equal 90 meters of overall depth, and if all of that were to melt, as it is already, exponentially melting I might add, well, you do the math.  The dying of the oceans however will come from the acidity buildup that carbon and ocean warming by the sun produces.  You can already SEA the effects on the beautiful coral reefs in ocean all over the map.  Overfishing is also a factor, as well as the massive pollution that, like the bp Gulf crime, is creating dead zones that kill off the most basic components of the food chain, no oxygen, working it’s way up to, you guessed it, man.

Jane Goodall, a right Brit lady who just turned eighty and is famous for her work with Chimpanzees in the beginning,1960 Africa, is a great steward and educator of the nature all around us.  She should, above all others, be considered deeply… Now she is the UN Ambassador for peace, among her countless other accolades, titles, degrees and books.  A busy woman who flies around the world 300 days a year working her environmental magic in countries world wide, found the time to write another must read entitled, “Seeds of Hope”.  This inspirational work is a book about plants, offering a ray of sunlight into a bleak outlook for our wonderful world mankind has decided to take a giant dump on.  All for profit. Pity that.  In the end, this can all be  summed up in a line from the classic film “Midnight Run” (a point made so obvious to anyone with a HEART, circa 1988, starring the incomparable Robert DeNiro and his costar Charles Grodin), remembering this whole fight over the planet’s future remains all about the money… “…hope it’s a wonderful coffee shop Jack.”


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