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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 11, 2017

Dutch Treat

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the Golden sun drenched, big white puffy cloud led, zephyr breezed, beautiful, bountiful, bursting island of Nantucket! ‘Tis good to be with you on a glorious day here on little old Cape Cod and those magical aforementioned islands that bring so much JOY to people’s lives every year; Thursday, The Eleventh Day of May, 2017.


If your anything like this humble reporter, and I hope you are, you would most likely be very HIGH today, naturally speaking of course… For the bright, blue azure sky, filled with the occasional “Colorado” cloud, looking like majestic mountains on High in said sky, evokes memories of past summers and summers to come. There’s nothing like doing nothing. Especially if combined with a profound lack of ‘thought’. Admittedly, a challenge in a society that constantly tempts one to be hopelessly addicted to ‘thinking’… An addiction worse than crack and heroin combined! Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why millions of people flock to this Ancient strip of sand, created 11,500 years ago by ‘The Last Great Ice Age’; slowing life down to a trickle on a hidden stream, or a free spirited kite floating in the air, surrendered to the wind’s will. Feeling ecstasy when boarding a ferry whisking one across mighty Nantucket Sound to that ‘far away island’ whose fame is only matched by it’s depth in historical record; reminding US we are not that much different than the good folks who lived here over 300 years ago, before this Republic was formed, lo, ‘incorporated’… Finding a new life in a New World. Possessing only the LOVE in their hearts for themselves, their families, friends, colleagues, neighbors, original indigenous people’s, the land, God; the strength of their honest hands, and a Spirit that kept that Good Word close to their eternal souls. This great country was molded upon those principals and thus, will eventually return to that Graced way of life. It may take some ‘time’, however, the same Spirit that resided in say, Paul Revere, George Washington, or John Quincy Adams remains today in the red blooded cells of any true Patriot of a country that has seen it’s fair share of tragedies. Hope, LOVE and TRUTH always prevails over tribulation; guiding beacons that LIGHT a blazing PATH for OUR future, OUR children’s future and OUR grand children’s future; if we choose it to be so…

Destiny is ALL!

Good always triumphs over evil, and will once again in this great and wonderful,

“…land of the free and home of the BRAVE.”


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