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July 22, 2011

Dowses’ smallest bird

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the hot, hazy and humid island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Friday morning here in Osterville, coming to you LIVE at 8 a.m., EDT, as I suppose we do every morning here on this little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age.  Yes, on this twenty-second day of July, 2011, we can all take a deep breath and come to the realization that in ten days we may be facing a world-wide financial disaster of our own making.  READY?!  “I say, keep playing, I don’t think the heavy stuff is going to come down for quite a while.”  “You may be right son, anyways, the good Lord would never interrupt the greatest game of my life…” (Scene: A wild, wind driven rain and lightening storm on the 9th hole on a private generic U.S. country club golf course, a twosome, a caddy and a bishop).  A big round of applause to Harold Ramis and Bill Murray, both of the SNL fame that began their illustrious careers, for that gift coming in the form of the classic movie,“Caddyshack, circa 1978, a must see quasi-documentary about life in America in the late 1970’s that explains everything going on in the world of politics today (for in this world, LIFE and politics are rarely separated).  The character Rodney Dangerfield plays and the story of his eventual attempted banishment from a private country club by it’s ‘leader’, played brilliantly by the late, great Ted Knight (plutocracy) speaks volumes to this country’s Grand Canyon Syndrome blooming in the year 2011. It speaks to the problems with labor (the caddies being replaced by golf carts, or, in today’s terms, jobs shipped overseas), to the issues of fidelity (sex scandals galore), class status/warfare (tighter voter registration, tax code favoring the top two percent, gated communities, literally and figuratively), zen philosophy (the GREAT AWAKENING), and finally wildlife (GLOBAL WARMING and the vanishing species on planet earth), coming in the form of a gopher, whose ‘attack’ on the member’s daily golfing lives, by way of destroying the precious golf course via intricate tunnels and such, sends our friend Carl Spackler, played by Bill Murray,“assistant greens keeper”, to the rescue (a hapless, lovable idiot, again, played by the incomparable Bill Murray), to do the deed of ridding ‘Bushwood’ (the Plutocracy) of it’s only apparent ‘problem’ (98 percent of the ‘American People’), a furry little rodent that ‘must have tunneled in from the construction sight over yonder’, (immigration and that ‘dang fence McCain has always complained about) as noted by the ‘head greens keeper’, ‘Sandy’, who proceeds to tell his ‘employee’ and our friend Carl, ‘I want to to kill every golpher on the course,’ to which Bill responds, ‘correct me if I’m wrong Sandy, but if we kill all of the golfers on the course, they’ll lock me up and throw away the key…” ‘Sandy’, the Scottish greens keeper who speaks broken, barely discernible English (outsourced call centers around the world), clearly upset, shouts back at ‘Carl’, ‘not the golfers, the gowlfers, the little brown furry rodents that are running around.” Carl then states after he is slapped upside the head by the angry Scot, “it’s not my fault no one can understand what you’re saying…” (the American worker).  and cut, print and wrap. The majority of the American people do not understand what the hell Washington D.C. is saying, doing or thinking.  Nor does the majority of the world, whom we are now an integral part of, whether you like that FACT or not.  The United States of America has an obligation to pay it’s bills, bills that were already signed off on, and yet, we have a whole bunch of morons in the House of Representatives who are on the same pay grade as old Carl in our example here.  Even the Governor of Virginia, Bob Macdonald, who was once on the Carl side of the IQ curve, stating only a few months back that raising, or not raising, the debt ceiling would not be that big a deal, changed his tune, but quick, when he realized that if ratings agencies like Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s, etc., began the action of driving the car off of the proverbial cliff via downgrading U.S. Treasury bonds from a stellar AAA to a AAa, or the like, HIS state would be one of the first, one of five states, to go down, to be downgraded but good, causing immense pain to the tens of thousands of government workers, the majority of whom are employed by former President Bush’s matrix of “Homeland Security” operations that have sprung up since the attacks of 9/11, spending an ENORMOUS amount of tax payer dollars on a ‘top secret’ American cottage industry, an industry that no one knows anything about, money that could have been spent on education or infrastructure for ours and future generation’s benefit, but spent this way to ‘keep America safe’.  Safe from what?  People like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney? This “Top Secret America”–including private killers employed by the evil that IS the world’s largest, most powerful mercenary army, Blackwater, or the new more ‘feminine’ name of Xe (whose ‘employees’ now outnumber the soldiers in Iraq and soon Afghanistan, gee, I wonder what those guys are up too?), you know, the softer side of that machine gun hand–that has sprung up around the Washington D.C. beltway since September 11, 2001, or since “pre-9/11 ‘thinking’”, along with all of the other companies that are somehow affiliated with government to some degree or another, especially the one’s who spy on ‘terrorists’, what’s your excuse David and Charles Koch?, is apparently not on the chopping block, because that would take away from the Corporate welfare system, something ‘they’ don’t want you to know about, yet can hold the rest of the country hostage in a very real Stockholm Syndrome manipulating many in this nation to feel sorry for them, but most certainly FEAR them, while they take away pennies from grandma’s fixed income check to pay for it…  Yes, Old Macdonald, ‘who HAD a farm’, was LIVE yesterday, in a panic mode, on television stating that WE MUST raise the debt ceiling or the whole of the nation’s economy would suffer (his state in particular), along with interest rates going through the roof and, possibly, permanently damaging our credit rating around the world, pushing us further down the global economic scale, with some likening US to the country of Greece, not a real comparison, as the U.S. economy is much, much larger and more diverse, however, still making it more difficult for us to borrow money, money we are currently paying off at very low interest rates.  Should the Carl Spacklers’ of the world win, as in the recalcitrant junior high school moronic bullies they really are–man-like children who call themselves U.S. congressmen–who are holding a gun to their own Speaker’s head if they don’t get the candy they want from the penny store?, should they bully their way into a stale mate, this republic is in big trouble.  I, and many others much brighter than I, have spoken at length about all of this, especially in the past week or so on seacapecod.net, and there is little more that I can add to the debate save this–what is the republican party’s end game?  What is the vision of the republican/tea party/evangelical/Republicorp future… really? Come on, let’s be honest!  Do they want a country that is bigoted, homophobic, historically fictional, and willfully blind to the very REAL problems every day AMERICAN PEOPLE face?  Or do they wish to polish that skill of willful blindness to the point that it begins ruining ALL of our lives in earnest, just for a political point, a point, that in the end, will bury them in their own hypocritical horse$hit rhetoric, as Rodney Dangerfield drops a big anchor on the deck of their pretty little sleuth, leaving “Judge Smails” crying on that deck, looking down at the giant hole (created by not raising the U.S. debt ceiling) that is slowly sinking his precious boat.  Stunned and looking ‘out there’ for someone to blame, he barks at his son “Spaulding”, “Don’t just stand there, go and get some GLUE!” Glue will not fix a broken WORLD TRUST, nor will it feed the bellies of OUR poor around the world, and it certainly won’t get you into the Heaven you all claim to know and LOVE so much, a Heaven that excludes the poor, the elderly, the children, the sick, the disabled, the veterans, the crumbling middle class, homosexuals, certain talk show hosts and bloggers, African Americans, Latinos, and Muslims, (excluding the Royal family of Saudi Arabia and other dignitaries from oil rich nations)–for the teavangelical movement does not take in the homeless, nor does it take American Express, oh, wait a moment, I’ve been told that the plutocrats just signed a deal with said credit card company so, yes, the official statement that will be made on August 6th, 2011–besides the fact that we will still exclude all of those aforementioned ‘other’ folks, ‘god bless ‘em’–at a giant football stadium prayer rally somewhere in Texas for Jesus and Rick, a prayer rally hosted by Presidential possible hopeful, fingers crossed, Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, with that official statement being whatever ‘God’ ‘commands of us’, we will do. All coming ‘together’ where ‘WE’ will pray for God’s help in solving all of these ‘problems’ we face in this beautiful country of ours…  I can’t wait Rick, I just can’t wait.  Have a wonderful week end folks and be sure to catch FOX and FRIENDS this week end, where they will be selling you the Brooklyn Bridge, some gold coins and a whole lot of horse$hit, bring your hip waders and a shovel, for it will be high and DEEP!   Please keep the poorest of the poor in your thoughts and prayers this week end (Somalian refugees on the Kenyan border, all 3.5 million of them, currently starving to death, a real world wide crisis of FAMINE), to help, please dial into www.savethechildren.org or care.org. Thank you. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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