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June 24, 2010

Dowses Roses

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  Just stepping out onto my deck here in Osterville at 4 a.m. and looking up, I see countless stars blanketing the night sky with brilliant small light, duplicated again and again.  With no city lights of any kind to block their radiance, the stars twinkle brighter and remind us of the infinite nature of the universe, how small mankind really is and how important every living creature on this fragile, abused planet IS–hoping I’m not the only one who feels that way… I did not believe that on day 65 anything could trump the news in the Gulf, but I would be wrong, although the two are connected by one of the six degrees of separation.  Yesterday, President Obama accepted General Stanley McChrystal’s resignation as the leader of the “effort” in Afghanistan.  What that effort still is, remains the big question.  Several years ago, Bob Gates (Secretary of Defense) was asked by a previous general of the Bush era whether he agreed with the tactics that were being deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He responded if the affirmative, so the general made it clear that he, Gates, must appoint generals who are of that same mind set, who will “stay in line” with the Cheney doctrine, the author of the “Bush Doctrine”, i.e. preemptive war, plagiarizers of the “military industrial complex,” whose concept born of George Orwell’s 1984 and the ‘dream’ of perpetual war–now a reality.  This is all based upon the fact that the military was owned and operated by the overlords of this insanity, the most profitable and powerful organizations in the world–BIG OIL.  Presto, we have McChrystal, a Bush man to be sure, who was quoted in the great periodical “Rolling Stone Magazine”, by author (Michael Hastings), in a blistering article of that man who found the administration to be a joke.  He thought it would be funny to make fun of the President and the effort in general, by disparaging it, and him, in a humiliating way via the writings of a man who was not their puppet–using the word “clown” when describing the National Security Advisor.  It was not just one comment in a magazine or this being the first time that McChrystal has shunned the “idea” of civil leaders being above their military subordinates, a tradition that has kept this country alive and well as a true democracy for 234 years, as opposed to succumbing to military fascism such as Germany and Japan experienced, along with the rest of the world, only 70 years ago.  Do you recall what happened then?  “A war is bigger than one man,” Obama stated yesterday around 1:25 pm in a press conference in the Rose Garden.  When we, as a nation, are spending roughly 100 billion dollars a year on a war that many consider to be folly at this juncture, in a country with an estimated GDP of 14 billion dollars, questions of why we are there, for what purpose and for how long abound.  This says nothing of our brave men and women who fight blindly for a cause that is not clear to even the general who was leading the “cause”, a cause that the mighty Soviet army could not conquer, and nor have we in the 9 years that we have been at “war” with a group of countless tribes scattered across a desolate, rugged landscape akin to the surface of the moon.  Is the reason we are spending our blood and treasure on this exercise in futility because of the “dangerous” Al Qaida presence of 5 or 6 guys in a cave?  No, the reasons are far more dubious than that.  It, the war in Afghanistan, an un-winable war, an untenable war,  “it” is a “positioning” for the grand chess match to come, a global war over the most precious commodity on planet earth–fossil fuel, oil, black gold, Texas Tea… Every corporation, to some degree, has a stake in big oil–the production of it, the consumption of it, but most importantly ACCESS to it.  Who cares for the environment or the poor bayou folk when there is literally trillions of dollars to be made with little to no government interference (just as Transocean, a “Swiss company”, whose ill fated Deep Water Horizon rig hailed from, and was inspected by, drum roll please, the Marshall Islands!, a half a world away from the Gulf of Mexico) and the little that there is, can be easily shewed away by big oil money lobbyists who own most of the politicians in Washington.  Just ask Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, she’ll tell ya’!  If that doesn’t work for big oil, there are two backup plans to get what they want.  First, the “Supreme Court,” where for a few dollars, you too can get a favorable ruling for your non-inspected oil rig, because, gosh darnit, oil rig companies are “people too,” thanks Citizens United! Finally, if all else fails, there is the military, and based on the fact that the Executive is out gunned by the grand military brass, a pawn of big corporate interests, that are amazingly aligned with, and I quote my favorite member of the p.o.h.n., pawn (party of hell no) Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell (R-KY), “what the American people want” (always knowing what the “American People” want–simply uncanny), the McChrystal’s of the world can cry “martyrdom” and thus, the p.o.h.n. can use that as yet another “platform of regression”–back to the stone ages of the 19th century.  Thank you Rolling Stone and Michael Hastings for making this all too horribly clear for us. To quote Mr. Hastings, “There was even things that were said to me “off the record” that I didn’t print–that they were even more inflammatory if people want to call the comments inflammatory.”  Oh, I don’t know, if I were the national security advisor and some ego maniac general from the Bush era of regressive thought and action called me, “a clown stuck back in the year 1985,” I guess I might consider that, during a time of war, well, er, uh, in a word, inflammatory.  The connection to all of this and the disaster in the Gulf is only a matter of degree.  We are heading the wrong way in a car going 75 miles per hour down a free way going no where.  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF…all of the men and women who live in the region and most importantly, the innocent birds and sea creatures along with their habitat, the marsh lands–may creative intelligence pull us out of the fire that has become ourselves… Have a nice day folks.  Peace~M

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