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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 11, 2009

Dowses Orb

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I took this image a few days ago down at Dowses Beach here in Osterville.  The cold, raw and very rainy Wednesday passed by without the world ending because people on Wall Street are not happy about the way things are going and blaming it on the current administration–how dumb do “they” think we are?  Perhaps the reason some of these stocks are at 1 dollar a share is God’s way of saying that is how much greed is worth.  Maybe this whole fiasco is a way of waking up America to be a leader once again and not a fragmented group of paranoid investors in money markets that make money on money.  I am no economics scholar, however, the basic Keynesian economic principals no longer apply and the trickle down theory that was introduced by Ronald Reagan and the deregulation that followed, followed by the inevitable fleecing of America, with NBC News reporting on “Fleecing of America” stories that should have been a little more focused on the real fleecing.  It is like someone stealing your wallet and helping you not only look for it, but announcing it to the world.  Let the man shine.  Leave him be.  Let him lead.  Denial is not just a river in Egypt and the RNC and the rest of the clowns that make up that whole organization ought to shut their egoic mouths and follow their elected leader–President Barack Obama, if they truly love their country.  If the FCC ever had any real reason to censor it is now–shut that racist Limbag pig up.  The knuckleheads who listen to his show–the comedian Rush Limbaugh’s radio toxicity–make up about 14% of the population of the United States.  Of these loyal listeners, who would jump off a cliff if “Rush” told them too, only a handful are dangerous and those are the people I am afraid of in this country.  To go on air and tell the world that you want the brand new president of our country to fail is twisted and inhuman.  If money can buy listeners and make them think the way you do, does not Rush Limbaugh remind you of some of the other creepy world leaders from this world’s past?  Boycott the products Rush promotes and don’t listen to hate.  Love is much more difficult and that is why it is the road always taken by winners and leaders, who like the President see this as a gift–exposing the ugly underbelly of what the “conservative party” (according to their perceived leader Rush baby) really is, a group of wealthy bigots who pose as God fearing men, but deep down are bullies and cowards and mostly hypocrites with racism and hate running through their veins.  Conservatives as a whole are just as human and American as say, a registered Democrat.  The last time I checked we are all still American citizens.  So I ask again, where is the disconnect?  Who pays Rush Limbaugh’s salary?  The world would like to know….Peace M

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