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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 17, 2009

Dowses Frozen Assets

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Take a walk today, wherever you are, if you are able, and marvel at the beauty this world has to offer.  If for even a brief minute, you can turn off the addictive thinking that we all have been afflicted with and be at peace.  If it helps, look at something like the image above, a soothing picture of somewhere you would like to be very soon, blocking out the blocks that keep you from getting to that place in the being, the one of peace, serenity, harmony and a grace I challenge that you have not felt in a long while.  We all work on vibrational frequencies, the lower the frequency, the more of the negative feelings enter the being that is you, whether you acknowledge it or not, it is a universal law.  The higher the frequency, the more feelings of Love, Joy and Peace enter your human experience.  It is a universal law.  Oh, and you can change your thoughts, thoughts being more powerful than anything when it comes to dictating how you “feel”.  Most people want to “feel good”, and you have the power to feel good at any moment of the day, to start anew, to see that by thawing out our old rigid thinking “patterns” and dismantling or unlearning all of the defense mechanisms that seemed serve us, but now only act as barriers or blocks to the joy that is your birthright and an intergral part of you.  The assets are there, only frozen by circumstance and bad weather, the sun will rise again and if you allow it, will melt the things you hold onto and show the beauty and real assets beneath the ice and snow.  Peace M

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