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March 29, 2011

Dowses Dawning Odyssey

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this twenty-ninth day of March, 2011, a beautiful day here in the Northeast, especially on Cape and the Islands, although still quite cold, it gives us pause to remember the promise of flowers to come in the near future.  President Barrack Obama gave a speech to the nation and world last night regarding our efforts in the northern African nation of Libya, in specific terms, the United Nation’s Resolution “1973″, where we, along with 21 other countries, made a decision to stop the bloodshed that has been occurring in that country for the past few months.  Many on the ‘right’ in this nation, have done their fair share of back flips, flip flops, or displayed blatant hypocrisy when reaching their seemingly unilateral position that, ‘whatever Obama does, says, thinks or attempts to act upon, is automatically, by definition, the polar opposite of our republican ‘values’, and therefore our basic platform, as a people that were actually ‘born in the U.S.A.’ President Obama should be proud for his efforts to actually DO what America once did around the world, i.e. World War II, and that, being, stemming violence and oppression wherever it may be possible and, moreover, plausible, for Libya is not, thank GOD, Iraq.  Obama was not the President during the atrocities of Sudan, Darfur, Rwanda, the Congo, or many other nations that felt the sting of the international problem of human rights, let alone human decency.  “WE”, collectively, as a now GLOBAL community, believe, en masse, that war and bloodshed, in any shade of gray, is not only ‘anti-american’, but wrong, with a capital “W”–wrong, wrong, wrong.  Obama’s INTENTIONS, his actions and the fulfillment of his pledge to the world at large has been met, and if anyone disagrees with this TRUTH of someone brave enough to stand up for the values of a toddler nation only 236 years old such as the United States of America, stand now, offer a different solution, or simply hold your PEACE…  Disclaimer: This does not include members of FOX NEWS, Rush Limbaugh, ‘commentators’ Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly, not to mention the likes of a “She turned me into a Newt”, Gingrich, whose marital hypocrisies are now battling for control of the that top prize behind his recent flip flop on this Libyan issue, as he went from two weeks ago saying, “I would put a no-fly zone in Libya tonight,” to “I would not have intervened.”  Can someone say schizophrenia or at least adulterating scumbag?  (”Sure, I knew that you could…” credit the late, great Fred Rogers of PBS).  For if it is truly PEACE that you all wish for, let us ALL, collectively, rich or poor, look into our OWN hearts and see what is truly RIGHT and what is wrong.  Anything less would render one a spineless jellyfish.  As Ed Shultz, of the “ED SHOW”, only on MSNBC, airing every week night at 10 p.m., save Fridays, whom I will be quoting later in this “blog”, stated, “I think the President hit it out of the park.”  Regarding last night’s speech of course.  In LIGHT of what transpired in Egypt and Tunisia, or rather Tunisia and Egypt, Obama, as well as our allies in both the Middle East and Europe, realized that a brutal genocide in a country in between the two, would be a DE-stabilizing force in the real north star of our human hopes and aspirations, a North star towards the profound human need for FREEDOM and DIGNITY. These values, of course, are not shared by all, even in this country, as we watch in horror, billionaires David and Charles Koch, collectively the third richest men in America, coming in at 21 billion dollars of net worth apiece, continue to systematically destroy our lands via their extraction, for profit, of everything from natural gas, in the form of ‘fracking’, pouring 596 deadly chemicals into the earth to extract said gas from shale rock below the earth’s surface, to oil exploration in our most pristine wildlife refuge in the world, ‘the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’, or ANWRRobert Greenwald, an independent film maker, has put together a ‘must see tv’ documentary on these charlatans who are not only hijacking our political system for their, and their limited friends, egoic gain, but for their OWN bottom line, caring not for the people, the ‘little people’, as the Chairman of bp once said about the poor fisherman of Louisiana after the Deep Water Horizon disaster only a little less than a year ago, turning this country against itself, all while they take record profits back to THEIR bank and laugh at the likes of good journalists such as Rachel Maddow and Ed Shultz, not to mention my friend Keith Olbermann who was run out of the business by ‘comcast’ and his very excellent replacement, Lawrence O’Donnell.  The name of this documentary is “Kochbrothersexposed.com”.  Remember that KOCH Industries is one of the two top privately held corporations in the country, and make no mistake, these are the people responsible for most, if not all, of the hateful, misleading ads you will see in the coming months and years.  The republican magazine, “The Weekly Standard”, says their, the Koch brother’s, feelings were hurt, (I thought you had to have a heart to have your feelings hurt?) because people, like myself and others, a FACT, I will admit with GLEE, have actually called attention to another FACT they actually bank rolled the ‘tea party’ movement, a FAKE grass roots, corporate sponsored coup of the IDEALS targeting the TRUE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY we all currently live in–a group that has sponsored in a back stabbing kind of way the opposition to health care reform and the strong opposition to anti-pollution measures that are the culprit of our ever growing problem of GLOBAL WARMING. As ED put it, “thin skinned billionaires, I’d say, huh?” Thin skinned and sensitive enough to learn that two months ago, they hired Michael Goldfarb, contributing editor to the republican leaning “Weekly Standard”, to help defend them against the claim that they used the money to help themselves and their push towards a plutocracy that will destroy the ideals of what our forefathers created, divinely inspired I might add, called the Democracy of the United States of America, created by the silly notion of “WE THE PEOPLE”...  The “Weekly Standard” is owned and operated, much like FOX NEWS’ Rupert Murdoch’s fake news show, by a right wing dear friend of the Koch brothers, Phillip Anschutz, and thus, came to the rescue of the much maligned billionaire brothers, depicting them on their most recent edition as VICTIMS of a witch hunt, looking as if they were about to be burned at the stake, “making” us all feel sorry for them, (can someone say, “Stockholm Syndrome”, again, I’m sure that you can) as another benefactor of the brother’s Koch wrote up a cover story about them, a cover story by Mathew Continetti, a kind of “wanna be Frank Luntz” (who the hell would wish for that?).  Like Goldfarb, he is a post recipient of the fellowship funded, in part, by the brother’s Koch.  Nice fraternity indeed ED!  Here is some of the SELF PITY he passes on… Do you recall the fake phone call from presumably David Koch, a tremendous piece of work that even 60 Minutes could not emulate, exposing the vile Governor of Wisconsin for what he truly IS, a puppet for the “agenda” of the Plutocracy, no matter how much it hurts this nation as a whole, do your recall that conversation?  David Koch, in his ‘victim mode’, cries “identity theft”, then goes on to say that the press, guilty as charged, attacked him, instead of the prankster, huh?, when the fact of the matter is the press went after the right guy–the Governor of Wisconsin who illegally stripped public employees of their god given right to collectively bargain for fair wages, safe working conditions and a voice in the national elections that determine our future as a country.  It goes on to say just how badly President Obama has ‘hurt’ them, “…the President has done more damage to the “free enterprise” system and long term prosperity than any President we have ever had.”  Good old David Koch, what a great man, a man worth over 21 billion dollars whining about the FACT this President has overseen a 50 percent leap in the stock market since taking office, along with record profits by “American” corporations.  This all begs the question, WHO is the real enemy of the United States of America?  Some foreign dictator or some insane sociopathic billionaire?  Documentary film maker extraordinaire Robert Greenwald, take it away!  AND ACTION! “The name of the upcoming documentary is called kochbrothersexposed.com, a series of web videos, launching tomorrow at that same sight, and thank you for having me on the program.  We have seen so much ED, we have been on this for about four months now, as our researchers have been busy uncovering FACT after FACT, campaign after campaign, much of it ‘asto-turf’, as we uncover much of what they have really been doing.  But the numbers, Ed, they are extraordinary, as it is truly hundreds of millions of dollars that are being funded and being used every step of the way.  So, from the WAY that they fund, they are actually very smart–they fund ideas, they fund activists, they fund people to go on television, and they fund politicians, (can you say puppet??)–it’s a full and complete chain.”  As ED asked the question of why so thin skinned?, wondering whether or not they have some emotional stake in all of this, Greenwald responds–”Very much so, in fact, my daughters came up with a great word, “A Pity Party” (again, see the definition of Stockholm Syndrome), and that seems to be what’s going on with them right now, you would think because they are truly affecting hundreds of millions of people’s lives, ED, the number of issues that they take on, everything from union busting, to climate change, to unemployment insurance, to student loans, you would think that people who were so dedicated and so hostile to so many of the positive AMERICAN VALUES would be ready for this kind of attack and blow back, which has been a long time coming.  We owe a huge debt to people like Lee Fang and “alternet.org”, (among others Greenwald mentioned) who have been researching this, and what we’re going to do with our KOCH BROTHERS expose campaign, to show all of this–issue by issue, video after video.”  In the immortal words of Charles Osgood of CBS‘, “Sunday Morning”, “we’ll be watching!” Thank GOD for that work and I would highly recommend it to anyone who might have a relative suffering from republican reptilian syndrome, of course, no offense to any reptiles, real reptiles anywhere in the world, especially that Egyptian Cobra that is loose somewhere in New York City, I believe…  GOD’S continued speed to the good people of Japan, may your days of comfort and JOY return to you again soon. Have a pleasant day folks and please, for GOD’S sakes and yours, don’t take any wooden nickels, or any candy for that matter, from “men” posing as journalists on the likes of FOX NEWS, it can only end badly.   PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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