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February 9, 2010

Dowses Break

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Another dawn arises out of the darkness at Dowses Beach here in Osterville, Massachusetts.  Hallelujah!  I wasn’t sure if that would happen, as Fox News Channel’s Sarah, “the pitbull”, Palin rallied the troops at a recent “Tea Party” event this past week end.  Armed with her memory of junior high school, she employed the rarely used tactic of writing down “important stuff” to talk about on her hand in case she forgot…is that a crayon she used?  Not all of the talking points made her list, as a still frame shot of her hand revealed one idea crossed out and re-written, I believe in a deep burgundy colored crayon, with “you betcha!” highlighted as her patented send off, designed to “put her in touch with regular folks, you know real Americans…”  Her talents are undisputed in the political circles she runs in, i.e. her high school class of 1978, well, to be fair, only the members of that class that sat at the “cool table”, smoked Marlboro Reds and drank Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.  I’m sure that Sarah would like another shot at an interview with Katie Couric of the “CBS Evening News”, where she would dazzle Ms. Couric with her newly acquired deep wells of knowledge that she gleaned from periodicals like “Cosmopolitan magazine”, “NASCAR today”, “Shooting Innocent, Defenseless Animals Weekly”, and, “How to become President of the United States with the help of wealthy, crooked corporations and slimy, sadistic republican strategists, who provide insight into the fashion needed to pull of such a ridiculous notion”.  That last periodical is in the process of shortening it’s title to simply–”FU America!”.  In the immortal words of our friend Keith Olberman, of MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olberman”, who provided an interview with Sarah on last night’s show (sarah being played by his hand made up with lipstick) as her hand screamed into the camera, “help me!”.  Again, this is all due to outstanding deeds of republican strategists, like Frank Luntz, who have dumped onto the American people, when they need it the most, misinformation, check that, blatant lies dressed up as information, blasted out of a bullhorn the size of Texas, effectively brainwashing at least 50 percent of the American voting public.  The strategists know that the America of 2010 has the attention span of a five year old, with no desire to stand out from the herd and voice dissent.  They also know how to play the fear card and with real health care reform destroyed, along with bank reform, and a cart blanche for corporate campaign contributions now the law– the movement into plutocracy has never been more evident. A few men of wealth have taken this country, once a fine one, into the dark ages and it won’t be long before we have a moron at the head of the class, driving the bus off the cliff.  How could we have let this happen?  It all started in 2000 when this same court, (the court that a few weeks ago just gave the keys to the hen house to the wolf in regard to “Citizens United vs. the one hundred year old law” designed to protect democracy from corporate monopoly), gave the election to the poster boy of special interest, George W. Bush, an easily malleable piece of play dough, and thereby opened up the gates of corruption on a biblical scale.  So, if you have any ideas on cliff notes for sister sarah, please contact Dick Army or any other member of the loosely affiliated group of protestors, protesting protesting, known as the “tea party movement”, as she will need more than one hand to answer all of the problems that will be facing this country in the years to come.  You betcha!  Have a nice Tuesday folks.  Peace~ M

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