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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 11, 2009


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I just finished watching the semi-documentary of Bobby Kennedy’s life in the film called “Bobby”.  One of the reasons I moved to Cape Cod was for the inspiration that was afforded me through the writings of our best Attorney Generals, for he spoke of truth to powers that we all know…fear of our brother.  When we give into that fear, it brings about the very thing we wish to abolish–fear itself.  Easter vigil is today’s physical date.  However, what Bobby Kennedy was really trying to say in that speech 41 years ago in California stands as true to time as timelessness itself…we are here to love each other, indeed we are love itself that forgot the very source from which we all come from.   We are all so quick to judge and condemn, as Pontius Pilate did so well for us all yesterday.  But, yesterday is gone.  Today is all we have.  So I say, embrace the differences in us, celebrate our diversity and experience.  Know that we are all one and the measure for which we pour out, will be poured out unto us…  Peace M

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