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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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November 15, 2020


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, cold, blue skied, calm, incalculable island of Nantucket!  Great to be broadcasting LIVE at ‘cha on this seven a.m. Sunday morning hour–The Fifteenth Day of November, 2020–from the bright, azure star lit street of Ocean, in famous Hyannis, where epic battles fought 230 years ago will soon be fought again today…


The BEAST global, corporate, communist MK Ultra mass media system has all but put Donald J. Trump’s presidency in a cold, lonely grave, and wants you too as well.  Yet yesterday, in our nation’s Capitol, Washington D.C., hundreds of thousands of loyal Trump supporters showed up for a giant, positive, peaceful M.A.G.A. rally to bolster that support and love of a leader, all inspired in a once proud and independent Republic.

Perhaps some momentum for Rudy Giuliani? Trump’s official lawyer, and their legal attempt to take back the bogus presidential election results and turn them on their head, due mostly to “Dominion” software?  A program designed to flip votes to whomever the programmer wishes to switch them to and for.  It can also eliminate votes, thus making this (s)election all that more obvious.

Yes, a GLOBAL coup de tat ’served’ with up cold, like revenge, with dirty Venezuelan and Cuban monies, Chinese components, and a good side helping of hell, all while the entire election count was, for ’some reason’, offshored to Germany, where ‘ole Dominion (translation: supremacy, domination, dominance, superiority)–did da flippin’, da shakin’ and da bakin’–sending it back to whatever district in America it came from and just like that, presto, America “land of the free? home of the brave?”, has a new president elect!

“The office of “the president elect” by way of one sleepy, creepy, commie, slow, Pedo Joe Biden;’

…in bed with Communist China!


I wonder what his running mate Kamala, “better pronounce my name right white boy!”, Harris, thought about “Black Lives Matter” (a terrorist organization funded by billionaire madman George Soros), and “Antifa”, (‘anti-fascist in name only’), yes, I query what this cold, hard, humorless, scary woman thinks about these two groups and their behavior in D.C. last night as the Trump rally came to a close?

She downloaded all the good ‘hits’…

Or perhaps we could ask Joe Biden’s crack head/child abusing/raping son Hunter Biden his thoughts on what BLM monsters did in D.C. last night, oh, yeah, he would just smirk and smile–just like psychopaths “Kill” and “Cull”inda Gates when asked about “pandemic 2″–as many beating on white people were his crack dealers…

Plus, after a three day binge, he’s fast asleep…

Peaceful families, men, women and children were attacked by these thugs, these losers, these paid (BLM funded by Soros), bad actors to simply create chaos via burning, looting and murder.  A Harris/Biden ticket will make this sort of crap normal while every mom and pop shop turns in their forks and knives, plates and cups forever.

These puppets, Biden and Harris, are just that;


Those who pull said wooden, depraved, despicable puppet strings wish to depopulate the earth with,


for a,


“Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” is a must read document put out by the military high up in our government in the late 80’s.  It was found in a Xerox copy machine and was considered top secret at the ‘time’.  However, the Illuminate care not who knows their plans now, AGENDA 21 (and all that is attached to IT), is unfolding as these words are formed upon digital pixels.  “Iron Mountain” is another.  But don’t forget our pal, our good comrade, our dearest communist buddy, Colonel Klink’s (Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum Chairman), bestseller,

“COVID: The Great Reset”!

Oh boy!

(It ‘vill tell you everysingg you ‘vant to know!)

So you can squawk about conspiracy theories all day long, but what happens when you take that word ‘theory’ out of the equation?

What do you get?


Another book regarding Chinese intentions (NWO) sums it all up;

what we are all up against that is;

“Unrestricted War”.

In this happy tale, the author describes the many different war fronts the Chinese are currently (and future), quietly waging on Americans right now, be it economic, social, political, environmental, trade, and so on.  Those holding real power, those pulling said strings of puppets you ‘think’ are actual leaders of men, consider this modern Chinese model of communism best, as it solidifies and concentrates the power to one centralized state that takes basic human rights out of the equation of life itself,


Like North Korea, China has become a horrible, oppressive place where one can never question the ‘logic’ of said communist totalitarian regime, swift penalties awaiting those who do act and dare speak out against the inhumanity, the war crimes, the pure evil that it truly;


Questioning said STATE, free speech, or freedoms of any kind are prohibited in Communist China , that ‘normal’ will become this nation’s ‘new normal’ relatively soon, based on the fact we have no backbone as a unified people;

lost at SEA!

Too busy on Facebook yawl!

Have a natural, peaceful, powerful, propaganda free, pampering Sunday folks;

say hi to a Cardinal!


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