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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 24, 2020

Dollars over death…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the blown driven drizzled, chilly, chatty, cocooned island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this dreary, dark six a.m. hour, broadcasting LIVE from Ocean Street, in Historic Hyannnis, The Twenty-Fourth Day of March, 2020.


Alas, it is yet another day of self quarantine, isolation, fear, frustration and ignorance. All thanks to COVID=19, an acronym, lo, a deadly virus, that has taken over life as we once knew it, indeed an atomic bomb that takes lives, destroys economies, and shifts perspectives.

The latest chapter of the White House produced “Trump’s Happy Talk” droned on and on yesterday, painful as peeling paint, bringing very little in the way of information, applicable data or real guidance, but it did give insight into the insanity and true ignorance of this current president.  Trump has stated under no uncertain terms,

“Yeah, eh ohh, listen, in two weeks we are going to open America back up.  Fuck the experts, ‘dats why “Fast Eddie” Fauci is not on stage, nor the token Surgeon General, ‘dose guys ain’t nuttin’ but doom and gloom.  We gotta get ‘dat 500 billion dollars, cause yours truly is going to be in charge of who get da money and who don’t, capiche?  Forget about ‘dat Ariizona woman who took ‘dis new Malaria Chloroquine stuff, my new miracle cure, too bad about her husband, he died?  Oh, well, gotta break some eggs if you are going to make an omelet! Guess they should not have taken my advise eh?  Listen, everything is going to be just great, we are doing a tremendous job, really terrific, dat I can tell yous!  I mean who dies more?  Auto accidents, da flu, lots of death, more dan dat damn Corona Virus, ‘dat I can tell  ‘yous! And the reality is ‘dis, I am in charge and I say, let ‘er rip.! Trump out!”

This gibberish back ground noise flies directly in the face of prudence, protection and palpable logic.  This idiot-in-charge will put dollars over death, or the very real possibility of it, via loosening social density, thus, spreading the virus exponentially more.  Experts say that 2 million people could lose their life if proper safety measures are not applied as they were in China and South Korea.  Reopening the economy in less than 15 days is, in a word, FOLLY.  Not to mention the confusion it will bring, as millions of Americans struggle with who is telling them the truth and who is lying through his teeth, ever looking for praise, not pause, as this nation flounders in a SEA of ignorance, intolerance and insolvency.

To put it in terms that one can digest, we have a president with a teen age mentality.  No longer able to fill that giant void called EGO, with rallies, flying Air Force One, Mar a Lago, hello!  No sir!  This poor man is all cooped up at the White House and feels suffocated by this new foe that he cannot SEA.  This was supposed to be a great year for Trump, rallying the morons of this nation, God Bless them, but not that much, in his bid to be a two term president.  But instead, it has become a nightmare for the man, with these crazy press briefings serving more as a hostage situation for most of the reporters who are forced to cover this crap.

Opening up the economy in two weeks, is akin to the movie “A Perfect Storm”, where the “Andrea Gail”, famous sword boat (now actually docked here in the Hyannis Harbor named “Lauren”), went down in the Atlantic tragically due to the captain insisting on heading directly into the breach, mostly because he did not want to take a loss on the huge catch he made far from the shores of Newfoundland; a massive storm that took no prisoners…

Gloucester remembered.

We shall SEA!

Have a nice day.


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