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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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January 24, 2009

Dog Heaven on earth

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Joshua’s and Mike’s Ponds, a short walk from my home here in Osterville, are a good example of Kettle ponds, because they are kettle ponds so that works out well and as I have been talking about them, I might as well show you what they look like.  I walk here everyday and as we are experiencing a winter thaw, as we do every winter, the gentle undulation of the paths are covered with a thick coat of ice, so as I attempted to balance my camera and shooting my friend Andrew Fone’s English black lab and his parent’s English Sheepdogs, all named Mack, Dunkin and Willow.  It works out because they are from England.  I also included my black lab, Allie, who provides contrast as she looks out onto the frozen pond.  Peace M

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