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November 17, 2011

Divine Help

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy, drizzly island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Thursday morning, the seventeenth day of November, 2011, a grey, cool 5 a.m. start to the ‘morn here on Cape, as we attempt to dry out after a soaking rain day yesterday, saturating the area with up to an inch and a half, while the south saw tornadoes from Georgia to North Carolina, with Louisiana, I believe, seeing 17 of those scary storms that are rare this late in the year…  In roughly a half hour, right in the heart of Wall Street, the “Occupy Wall Street” rally for JUSTICE on all fronts, will make it’s voice known once again to the world at large, as that world participates as well, from Madrid to London, with a giant rally scheduled to begin, as noted, around 7 a.m in New York City, in a massive walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, where at least 1000 protesters are expected to be arrested, marching down the dark and sometimes gloomy concrete canyons of that fabled city of immigrants, demanding some answers to the even more daunting ‘Grand Canyon’ between the haves and the have nots in this great land of OURS, marching alone, as the corporate media, for the most part, gives them the finger.  Robert Reich, noted professor at the University of California at Berkeley, and personal hero of this reporter, held a rally and gave an important speech to 3500 students in and around the Mario Savio steps at UC Berkeley Tuesday night, steps named and dedicated after and to the noted student activist, or ‘agitator’ as they called them back then, ‘…you’re not one of ‘dem agitators are ya?’ (credit the classic film from that same era, speaking to the same sentiments, ‘The Graduate’, starring the incomparable Dustin Hoffman), who spoke out in 1964 to what we are still dealing with today–namely, mind control and corporate domination of OUR democracy, democracy with a little letter ‘d’. But, we won’t get into all of that at present, save to say that Mr. Savio was on to something then, God Bless his little hippy, tree huggin’ soul, even though he looked more like a third year law student at Columbia, as Robert Reich, author of “Aftershock, the next economy and America’s future, does today.  The ’system’, has always, at least in the past fifty years or so, favored the top one percent in this country, while it has been extremely slow in addressing women’s rights, minority rights, environmental issues, and civil rights in general, and with this new crop of ‘not your grandfather’s GOP’ candidates vying to become our next ‘leader’, we seem to be going backwards as a nation, not forwards, take reproductive rights as an issue alone and you will come to the same conclusion as I.  That is what this movement is all about, WAKING people up to reality and dismissing the illusion offered up by plutocrats who use smoke and mirrors to fool most of the people all of the time, while we see our whole environment go up in a ball of fire.  “Nothing to see here folks,” the nice NYPD officer says to the passers by whose mouths are agape with horror, as they witness those, ‘nice police men’, bashing the heads of protesters in, pepper spraying elderly women, like the eighty year old woman on “Countdown, with Keith Olbermann” last night, airing every week night at 8 p.m., EDT (re-airing at 11 p.m., 2 a.m., 7, noon and three the next day), only on CURRENT TV, who spoke for a good half hour it seemed, thank you Keith!, speaking of what is really going on with the ’system’, yes sir, and madame, speaking volumes about the ‘fluff’ as well as the constant, blatant LIES/propaganda on television, are you listening FOX?, while few tell the TRUE tale, as she recounted her horrific encounter with the Seattle police department, who, like their fellow officers in blue all across the country, are now militarized and following orders from Homeland Security and the Justice Department–still using pepper spray, batons and other gestapo tactics, as they did with her, by the bucket and thus, ironically offering, by way of their barbaric actions, more to HELP this great cause than harm to it.  God Speed Ms. Dorli Rainey of Seattle, Washington!  You are an inspiration and a reason for this reporter to keep on getting up in the morning, thank you and have a nice Thanksgiving!  In case you missed this interview, a must see, assuming you have any feelings left for this great union of OURS, please look at the posted schedule already listed above for Keith’s show from last night…and watch it, you WILL see something you did not see before.  I have gone on long enough this morning, however, please keep on dodging those wooden, poisonous nickles from FOX NEWS, as always, Sean Hannity ‘ain’t sellin’ no alibis, as, again, you stare into the VACUUM of his eyes’, have a wonderful day folks and GOD’S SPEED to all of the protesters down on Wall Street this morning, this is history unfolding right before OUR very eyes, and it, ‘OCCUPY‘, represents everything that is still GOOD about this country, a country that was formed with the whole concept of ‘protest’ in mind to begin with.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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