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September 29, 2020

Dispel the Devil

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the wonderfully wet, calm, mild, misting, magically foggy island of Nantucket! Good to be with you and yours on this Twenty-Ninth Day of September, 2020, another electric Tuesday morning in America, as we all sift through the hor$e$hit in a vain attempt to get to the truth of what the bloody hell is going on!

AHOY Matey!


It would behoove anyone, asleep, awakening or WOKE, to go to one’s CIA eavesdropping device known as the slut and gossip girl “Alexa’, and request her tune into to a YouTube, ironically, taped video of one David Icke LIVE in Trafalgar Square in London, England on September 26, 2020. Indeed, at least.15,000 souls screamed ‘Freedom!, Freedom!, Freedom!’ to a stunned long teller of truth, exposer of who and what those nasty lizard people really are, you know, the one’s running this 3D $hit $how on this prison “planet”, pushing one to wake up others and take heart in our collective futures. Indeed, it will lighten your load, perhaps invoking some long lost hope within, inspiring one to stand up to this tyranny and exclaim;

…”no more!”.

No more masks, no more quarantines, no more mandates from power hungry puppet politicians with no balls!  Like the new normal model in Montreal, where our friend “Jeff C” (YouTube great), a citizen of said “Rainbow/Unicorn Land”, reported Monday that the premier of Quebecistan declared a ‘new mandate’, wherein people can no longer allow other people into their own private residences, as this planned ’second wave’ becomes more present in our enslaved lives.

Another YouTube sensation is “AwakenwithJP”, effectively using humor, intelligence and love to dispel (definition: making a doubt, feeling, belief disappear), this psychological operation (“CON”VID-19(84), for what it is, and where it is all leading…

Both YouTubers’ doing the LIGHT’s work!

Thank God for people like you!

Most “Morning Joke” viewers, only on MSLSD, on this soggy Tuesday, have their panties in a bunch over the Trump tax ’scandal’, just ask Jeff Bezos of Amazon and his tax free, filthy rich life, he’ll tell ya!  Yes, according to ‘ole Mika and Joe, the masses also up in arms about tonight’s presidential debate, blind to who this dementia patient playing a politician will  fair against a witty, crafty, high energy show man like Donald J. Trump.  I mean how could one go wrong with ’sleepy’, ‘heavily medicated’, ‘pedo’, super slow, “Comin’ man, I’m gonna pee my pants, say it ain’t so Joe Biden? The demon rat offering in this twisted year of 2020.  A nation so divided, no amount of spin will change the fact the SELECTION has already been made, and all of the energy spent by the sheep is simply gobbled up by the dark forces who feed on this misery, this fear, this madness.

Echoes and deep hades of black and grey still smolder with a Thermite glow from another horrible year, 2001, where those same dark forces conspired to make up a fairy tale, starring actors employed by the ‘axis of evil’.  These dangerous ‘terrorists’, armed with ‘box cutters’, hijacked not one, not two, not three, but four large commercial jet planes, “flying” two into those Twin Towers, one into the Pentagon and one into an empty field in rural Pennsylvania.

The problem with their official account, the fiction must read best seller, “The 9/11 Commission Report”, yeah, that piece of toilet paper, is the fact that most obvious facts, that would completely destroy this official narrative of ‘what happened’ on that fateful day, were conveniently left out.  Such as the fact no plane parts were found either in New York, Washington or Pennsylvania.  Every real expert, not on the take, stated under no uncertain terms, that jet fuel could never have brought these building down, at free fall speed, indeed, only a well planned nuke could, creating the perfect demolition of the South and North Towers, combined with Building Seven, that fell later on that day, due to a small fire on the top floor?  Oh, and please do not to mention the lack of airplane parts on the Pentagon lawn, or inside a rather small hole in the side of the building, looking more like a cruise missile hitting it instead of a large 767 jet.  The phantom plane never hitting the ground in PA either, no sir, just a giant play being brought to you by your lizard overlords…

If you recall, right after all the drama, lies and coverup, the ‘war on terror’ began in earnest.  So much so, we killed 1 million innocent Iraqis to prove our point.  Not to mention the “Patriot Act”, ironically named yes?, where our ‘new normal’ back then baby surveillance state became said ‘normal’ in a free and sovereign society. LOL. Terror threat levels screamed at US, like we were all on Crack, what with all them brightly lit colors of red, yellow and orange flashing on our collective consciousnesses, ever present on our ever turned on and up television screens, forever imprinted within our subconscious minds…

“Danger Will Robinson, Danger!”

(credit: ‘The Robot‘ on the fabulous 1965-1968 TV show entitled, “Lost in Space”)

Everyone in FEAR due to an invisible “enemy” (sound familiar?), out to blow up any target in America, watch out!  Those weapons of mass destruction gotta be somewhere, right George W. Bush? By golly, by gum, we gotta protectMerica from all them terrorists!  Yeah man, from snow cone vendors exposed in dangerous positions at Ohio stare fairs, to Elvis’ Graceland. The local news just told me that apparently them Muslim extremists just hate his music and his crazy dance moves, go figure.  Muslims never seem to be in a good mood do they?

So, here we are again folks, circa 2020 and beyond.  A ‘new normal’ in the New World Order for all the sheeple who made it happen via their acquiescence, their silence, their stupidity and their sloth.

Because of US useless, dirty, filthy, diseased, virus filled humans, “use less eaters”, ‘we’ have destroyed this planet, according to those in power presently.  Yes, it seems our ‘carbon footprint in too big’, as we use to many precious resources like air, water and food.

Hence the man made ‘climate change’, “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, this smokescreen for ultimate power and control. For in the true reality it is the Illuminate, the Cabal, the Controllers who are using weather weapons, i.e. D.E.W. (directed energy weapons), to create this man made ‘Climate Change’, or, the ultimate coup de tat of humanity.  All being deployed right NOW to ignite California with ‘wildfires’ intended for UN’s Agenda 21 “sustainable development goals’, to get people off the land, to not only warm the globe, but also cooling it via geoengineering of our atmosphere by the illegal, immoral spraying of heavy metals, such as barium, strontium and aluminum into the atmosphere, dimming the sun, destroying crops, farm devastation, leading to food shortages, famine, starvation and death;

…depopulation’s Room 101.

All dovetailed nicely with a fake pandemic creating this sick, psychopathic–conspired, funded, directed and run by psychopaths–society, where everything good has been turned into shiite. Everything is backwards, inside out, upside down, like the holy cross… A lie where a fake, conspired virus changed our lives forever.  All created back in 2010 via Rockefeller Foundation’s “Lockstep”, perfected in 2019 with “Event 201″, wherein fill in leaders sat down and laid out their plan to deal with a GLOBAL PANDEMIC that would eventually cripple the world’s overall economy, creating a one world currency, digitalized, injected into the human like cattle via an RFID microchip, as mad mandates by power hungry politicians muzzle and dehumanize the population, imprison them in their own homes, take away God given rights to socialize with our loves one’s, our friends, our colleagues, our neighbors’ and strangers on the street, lo, this sick, twisted,warp’ ed speed, demented, devilish, depraved, deranged, disenfranchising, planned demic, this scam demic, the CON job, perpetrated by monsters who have no soul, is going to go into overdrive very soon, as 5G creates–due to it’s interaction with our human oxygen molecules, for 60 gigahertz is the frequency of both 5G and said H2O molecule in the human body, attacking human cells eventually causing death en masse–more “COVID” cases for the Johns Hopkins University case/death porn charts…

All the rage with kids on “TVplaying journalists these days!

Just ask Father “Fast Eddy” Fauci,

…he’ll tell ya!

You little RAT you!

This all will culminate with DNA altering satanic vaccines that have now been proven to ‘take away God’. That’s right, ginnie pigs, real live humans who took the nasty Astra-Zeneca Bill, “I love to kill people”, Gates approved pilot vaccines to prevent a fake virus, have reported neurological problem in the extreme, many claiming that they feel as though they ‘have been cut off from their own soul, from God himself’.

Damning words;


Dispel the Devil.

Get right with God, whomever you conceive Him to be.

Fight for your right to STAND with the LIGHT!


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